Friday, March 16, 2012
South by South-best: The best of iReport this week

A range of emotions lit up our site as iReporters celebrated, traveled and reflected on some big events that happened this past week. We’re highlighting this week’s interesting iReports, so check them out!


SXSW 2012


South by Southwest (SXSW) – an annual music, film and technology conference – was in full swing this week. Many of us weren't lucky enough to experience the interactive booths and impromptu music concerts firsthand, so we lived vicariously through our iReporters who sent in an array of photos and videos of SXSW through their eyes. First-time iReporter Chris Janka sent in an image of himself standing in the Canon screening room, where he was surrounded by more than 95,000 photographs from a documentary project by Ron Howard. The photo gallery was composed entirely of user-generated photographs. The Santa Monica native said he felt amazed and overwhelmed to be surrounded by all the images and their stories: "It just seems with technology being at the state it’s in it is really empowering people, young and old, to capture moments in their life."


Occupy protests shut down D.C.’s K Street



The Occupy movement is still alive across the U.S., as Michael Kandel documented through a photo earlier this week. As a freelance photographer in Washington, D.C., Kandel said he keeps his ear close to the ground to see where Occupy demonstrations will take place around the D.C. area. On this particular night he followed a group of Occupy protesters from the White House to K Street, where the group ended up lying down in the middle of the road, blocking traffic. "I think if you can stop people on the street, then you are drawing attention to your message, I mean it got my interest piqued," he said.

Remembering Japan



The mood was somber as people across the world reflected on the earthquake and tsunami disasters that hit Japan one year ago. Cristian Williams captured images from Hibiya Park in Tokyo where people gathered to remember those they lost. "There was also a mutual feeling of respect among the audience. Respect towards those affected, and respect towards those who weren't directly affected, but still attended the ceremony," he said. Williams was one of the dozens of iReporters who sent us their thoughts, images and stories on the anniversary of the disaster; you can see it all woven together into the CNN piece “Lost and found: Japan One Year Later.”


Rejoice for Pi(e) Day



iReporters celebrated math with dessert by sending in pictures and recipes of their favorite pie dishes for March 14th. Michele Hays sent in a delicious photograph of her pie, ingeniously dubbed (Pi)neapple and rhubarb pie. For the past few years, Hays has been baking up pi-inspired pies, and considers herself a math appreciator. "I'm not particularly good at math. However, I do love to cook, and I'm learning that cooking is really a system of applied mathematics."

American Airlines freakout



The routine runway taxiing of American Airlines flight 2332 came to an halt as the screams of one flight attendant poured out of the aircraft's intercom system. Passenger Laurie Grabe captured the chilling screams of the flight attendant as she demanded passengers get off the plane. The flight attendant said the plane was likely to crash, which many saw as an allusion to September 11th. Grabe's iReport became one of the most popular videos on our site that day and was featured on CNN television as well. OutFront’s Erin Burnett interviewed Grabe on television, where they talked about the incident and the passengers’ reactions.


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