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Black hoodies, green river: The best of iReport this week

It was tough to narrow down this week's iReports to five favorites. From passionate discussions about the Trayvon Martin shooting, to gorgeous photos of cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C., to messages of hope for escaped slaves in Mauritania, our community was full of life.


These are our top picks for the week:

'Million Hoodie March'

New York photographer Joel Graham stood in the crowd on Wednesday when hundreds gathered to demand justice for the killing of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed teenager shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Central Florida last month. Marchers at Manhattan’s Union Square wore hooded black sweatshirts in honor of the teen’s style of dress. While he went as a journalist, Graham says it was difficult not to feel emotionally connected to the crowd.


Thousands gather for almsgiving

Anita Amy Kittiudom shared some stunning images and video of tens of thousands of Buddhist monks gathering in the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, on Sunday for an almsgiving ceremony to raise money for victims of last year's flooding. The scene, she said, was "magical." "Everyone that came out that day was amazed at the beauty and at the kindness that was taking place."


Earthquake rattles Mexico

Stephen P. Nichols Jr., a newspaper reporter in Mexico City, Mexico, was in his office on Tuesday when a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck Southern Mexico. Workers in the country’s capital evacuated to the streets, where he said there were "hundreds, if not thousands of people, crowding the streets and sidewalks waiting for instructions on what to do." Pablo-Jorge Velandia also shot footage of the evacuations and said people are still waiting for another earthquake: "As we say in Mexico, 'Earthquakes never come alone.'"


River runs green

Begorrah! It took two weeks of preparation for Kumaran Alagesan to shoot a time-lapse video of the Chicago River turning emerald green for St. Patrick's Day. He stitched it all together from a sequence of 900 images shot from the bridge overlooking the river. Alagesan, a 28-year-old information technology consultant, says photography is his passion.


Police move in on Occupiers

Photographer Shameel Arafin has been covering the Occupy Wall  Street protests since they began last fall. He was at the six-month anniversary rally on Saturday, when protesters tried to re-occupy Zuccotti Park. Arafin said police moved in and began arresting people, and in response, the protesters linked arms and sat on the ground, resulting in dozens of arrests.


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March 24, 2012
Click to view annabandana's profile

I can't stop thinking about Trayvon Martin. Please know that racial profiling is happening in the least expected places. My daughter, who attends a Connecticut university was stopped last fall, in broad daylight, for no reason other than the fact that her black, male friend was driving, and she, a white woman, was the passenger. The state trooper, after checking both of their licenses and college ID's, proceeded to ignore her friend, the driver, and ask my daughter if she 'knew where she was going' and 'who she was with'. When she asked, "Is this a joke?!", incredulous that this could even be happening, he continued on with his paternalistic, one-white-to-another admonishments to 'be safe'. After he drove away, they both stared at one another with a 'what just happened?' look. My daughter was outraged. I was disgusted and urged her to take action but she hasn't....yet. This horrible, horrible white supremacy and entitlement needs to end!

March 25, 2012
Click to view Forreal89's profile

Yes I am white and was walking in an all black neighborhood.  I was robbed and beaten.  I was profiled as well.  Remember that poor white woman that had the shopping cart dropped on her head.  That was racial profiling as well. 

March 25, 2012
Click to view Forreal89's profile

How about blacks misbehaving and committing the majority of crime.  I am disgusted at the disrespectful behavior of the black minority and their entitlement programs.  Stop committing the crimes and start being productive. 

March 25, 2012
Click to view Forreal89's profile

I can't stop think about all of the black on white crimes. 

March 25, 2012
Click to view smove's profile

I can't stop thinking about the 13 year old white boy that was doused in gasoline and set on fire while the two older black teens chanted "you deserve this because you are white" - No arrests have been made as of yet.


It is not profiling when the subject fits the description.



March 25, 2012
Click to view smove's profile

annabandana - you sound like a piece of trash

March 25, 2012
Click to view Looter's profile

I was white and went to all black college.  I had a great time.  I was harrassed by police a few times in the computer room for perhaps startling female students but they didnt shoot me.  They were just regular punk azz police.

March 25, 2012
Click to view dustieryder's profile

if you are going to wear a hoodie,go ahead and paint a bright red bullseye on your forehead....there is nothing cool about dressing like a thug or you are from the ghetto;. you just mark yourself,and ask for preblems....get smart...clean up your act.

March 25, 2012
Click to view dustieryder's profile


March 25, 2012
Click to view eatabird's profile

This reminds me of the John White case on L. I . Instead of calling 911 when he had plenty of time to do so , he went to his garage,armed himself and shot an Irate Italian kid in the face on his curb. Al Sharton showed up and cried RACISM , and that they were a lynchmob wanting John White and all the typical ,"We be victims", routine . John White is free today . Also , let's not forget when these blacks protested the DUKE Lacrosse ,"Rape ",when it turned out to be a lie and of course Tawanna Brawley that is to this day a lie. Black people love playing the victim ,meanwhile 10 blacks where killed by other blacks overnight and they just shrug their shoulders

March 25, 2012
Click to view GaiusCaesar's profile

Last week in NC, a black man walked into a tire shop and started shooting, killing the 52 year old white woman and a bystander, as well as injured 3 more people.  The article ran for about an hour on CNN, and then it disappeared.  Meanwhile, America is just supposed to pretend most of these random shooting aren't done by black men, and there is no reason to stereotype.  I don't know what happened in this case, but the fact that rallies are being held when we don't know what happened in this Trayvon incident just shows how racists Americans realy are.  (look up the term racists if you dont understand my coment)

March 25, 2012
Click to view vyessa's profile

Wow.  Judging by most of the comments here, racism is alive and well in America.


By the way, I wear hoodies, am white, not a thug, not a criminal, and not apologetic.  Or is the implication here that only black kids should not wear hoodies? 

March 25, 2012
Click to view TRON777's profile

What about the 80 year old white woman in Jaxsonvile Fla that was beaten and then raped while she was dying by a black man? that is hate crime but Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson said not one word for her! Blacks are the most racist of any group, but still play the race  card when they can.

March 25, 2012
Click to view twiggerrigg's profile

Blacks are the biggest problem the world has.I wish every country would send them all back to africa.

March 25, 2012
Click to view desertarea's profile

Perhaps it should be said and remembered:

That the overwhelming majority of whites are not guilty of criminal activity.

That the overwhelming majority of blacks are not guilty of criminal activity.

That the overwhelming majority of hispanics are not guilty of criminal activity.

That the overwhelming majority of asians are not guilty of criminal activity.

That the overwhelming majority of native Americans are not guilty of criminal activity.

That the percentage of criminals may be larger in one group than the others, but it is rotten and morally wrong to lump the "overwhelming majority" of each group into one group we call "criminals".


March 26, 2012
Click to view whatiswronr's profile


What has happened to America's English language? Adults using baby words for what? Your around 40 years old and want to speak as if your 19 years old? Or even younger.

There is a coolest with speaking like this?

How about starting a trend to use the English language that is and has been taught in the United States of America and be proud of it.


The person was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Is this too difficult to say anymore?


And while on the subject. Veggies? The  word  used for children who can not pronouce the word vegetable, yet. Someone around 40 years old should be able to pronouce it, yes?


Aren't there other people in America shaking their heads with regard to how word usage is being used in America. We are Americans, let us speak like Americans and be proud we are.



March 26, 2012
Click to view JAquinas's profile

I would like to say that wearing a hoodie does not mean you are black or a thug. I am a Caucasian/Native American who has done over 200 hours of volunteer service to my community. I wear hoodies quite often, because I find them comfortable and I like the way they look. It has nothing to do with trying to be thug, or acting like I'm some kind of gang member. It has to do with the fact that I simply like hoodies. Get over yourselves, and stop stereotyping based on looks. This is coming from an 18 year old, and if I can do it, so can you.

March 28, 2012
Click to view onlyhuman's profile

As I sit and read the latest updates on Trayvon Martin killing, there has not been any mentioning of the burning question that I thought about day in, as I read this news. If Zimmerman was a volunteered security guard, why was he carrying a gun period. Most security guard doesn't carry a gun. I would be looking into why the subdivision is allowing volunteer guards carry guns.

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