Friday, April 13, 2012
Moving plates, changing skies: The best of iReport this week

The theme of change seemed to seep into many iReports this week. From the changing tides of the Travyon Martin case to the shifting skies of Portland, Oregon, check out some of the best iReports from the site.


Zimmerman's arrest and iReporters reactions


The case of Trayvon Martin took a turn this week with the arrest of George Zimmerman, who was charged with second-degree murder of the teenage boy in Sanford, Florida. iReporters, like Norma Valdez, sent in their reactions to Zimmerman's arrest. Valdez said that although she thinks the prosecution made the right call, she said it was made far too late. "I feel we have an uphill battle because justice is in the eye of the juror and if you get one that doesn't see it like the rest, you will get a hung jury and then what, he goes free," she said.


Pacific quake


Across the world, tectonic plates were shifting. After an 8.5 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia, some residents and tourists in Phuket, Thailand, took precautions. Isaac Kawar shot a video of people being evacuated from Thailand's Patong Beach to higher ground.




The tech world was in a tailspin with the recent Facebook buyout of the photo sharing site Instagram. Diehard Instagram fans were up-in-arms and iReporters sent in their reactions to the one-billion-dollar deal. Donnol Hem and his daughter Mikaela posed with stunned faces after hearing the news. "I'm not shocked by the purchase just surprised at how much Facebook paid for it. So far I can only think of it as a good thing because Facebook, like it or not, is a huge success," he said.


Backyard chickens


Do backyard chickens really taste better? Residents from Winter Park, Florida, seem to think so. Kayla O'Brien, a journalism student at the University of Central Florida, documented the town's urban farmers petitioning to raise chickens with The Backyard Yard Chicken Initiative. The practice of raising chickens is currently illegal in that area. O'Brien said she reached out to Winter Park, and the town said it was not against changing the law on raising chickens, but no one presented the desire to change it.


Portland, how beautiful you are 


The bustling lights from cars zipping by and a rainbow of colorful pastels from the sky were captured by photographer John Eklund. Eklund created a picturesque time-lapse video of Portland, Oregon. "I thought doing a time-lapse would be a unique way to show my beautiful city," he said.


Is news happening where you are, or do you have an opinion you'd like to share? You could be part of next week's Best of iReport. Share your story here.

April 14, 2012
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Totally wonderful!!!!! the photography the writing is done well on every piece .. Kudos to all of you!! Mintaroo

April 16, 2012

Great week!

Much Metta


April 16, 2012
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Thanks for chiming in, @mintaroo and @seeitnow! It's always fun to look back on what fantastic stories we received each week.

April 17, 2012
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Great, love to watchsuch work

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