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iReport Pundit of the Week: Adriana Maxwell


Adriana Maxwell is well-versed in all things news. This Atlanta, Georgia, resident used to freelance for both CNN International and iReport as an associate producer and is now a regular presence on iReport, where she sounds off on the hot political stories of the moment.


As she puts it in her profile biography, she's a "pundit who actually lives on a planet I like to call Earth." That definitely shows in her no-nonsense approach to political news across the spectrum. It's also why she's this week's pick for iReport Pundit of the Week.


Issues: "I've always got an eye out for when media and pundits and political analysts hammer on talking points, and never really provide facts. People have heard these talking points again and again, but sometimes they're not true, or half true. It's important that someone fact-checks what they're saying and demands they tell the truth, and stop relying on the memo that was handed to you by someone else."


How did you first get interested in politics?
"I started at a very young age. My parents were always interested in politics in the U.S., and continued to be when they immigrated here, but always had the advantage of looking at it kind of as an outsider, a third party. They always would dissect current events from a non-American point of view."


Why do you share your opinion with iReport?
"When something gets vetted, it means I've made a valid point, and my iReport makes sense and has value. It's the satisfaction of having a CNN producer say that it's good, and has been fact-checked, and it's a good story."


Who is your political or journalistic hero?
"The late Tim Russert. I've been a political junkie from birth, and I can remember watching 'Meet The Press' in the morning when I was younger. He never cut people off or got angry, he would just ask questions and let them go. And then, when they stopped for a breath, he would devastate them with a contradictory statement they had made, and put the quote right up there."


What do you think is going to be the defining issue of the 2012 election?
"The economy. It always is. If the economy goes south, President Obama will be out. But if it keeps on growing, I don't think Mitt Romney has a chance of winning. That's why all the big guns didn't run – folks like Chris Christie and Mitch Daniels. They knew that as long as the economy was moving forward, even at a slow pace, they probably wouldn't win."


What is something unique about you that people might be interested to know?
"Well, if I can get through the day without any interruptions, which is hard to do sometimes, I can usually read two or three books a day. I'm a speed-reader. I've always had it, as a child I would go to the library, pick out ten books, and by the end of the week they would all be returned."


And she put those speed-reading chops to use in 2009 when she pored her way through the more than one-thousand pages of the Affordable Care Act. She appeared in the CNN Newsroom and gave the world the skinny on what it was like going page-by-page through the bill.


Catch some of Adriana's commentary and punditry right here on iReport. If you'd like the chance to step up on the iReport soapbox and shine a light on your own political views, now's the time to join the debate.

April 24, 2012
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April 25, 2012
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April 25, 2012
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Congrats on being Pundit of the Week!!!!

April 25, 2012
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Always insightful... Congrats!! Keep up the good work!

April 26, 2012
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