Monday, May 07, 2012
'Avengers' smashes box office records and moviegoers' expectations


The star studded "Avengers" cast must be celebrating, as the superhero blockbuster broke every movie record, racking in over $200 million dollars in the box office this past weekend.


Surely chump change to someone like Tony Stark, but "The Avengers" definitely jumpstarted this season’s summer blockbuster movie lineup.  If the record breaking numbers weren’t enough, moviegoers poured out of the theaters raving about it, despite New York Times' A.O. Scott’s lukewarm film review.



Moviegoers much like Zennie Abraham from Oakland, California who delivered a sea of compliments into a camera as he shot a film review for iReport. He said it was one of the best superhero movies he has seen recently. "Frame by frame we see that these characters are ordinary people with extraordinary powers," he said.


"In the movie, we feel like we are getting to know the characters as much as you do in the comic books, and because of that you have a great story."




"Avengers" put the "marvel" in marvelous, according to Allen Mealey who saw the movie in Los Angeles, California. "You need to watch it," he said over the phone. "You won’t find anything better, everyone was going berserk afterwards." It was the witty one-liners that got him.


"We were laughing the entire time," he said. "Back in the day superhero movies were so dark, and they were literally shot in darkness, but this movie was a superhero buddy movie."


But Daylan Stubblefield was not laughing when he saw the endless lines formed inside the Chicago-based movie theater he attended. He says the theater lines were worse than an amusement park ride. But after watching the movie he sang nothing but its praises. "This movie was so action packed and emotional. It hit every single feeling all of the Avengers had," he said.


Abraham says "The Avengers" is more than a superhero movie. "It takes us to a place we have never been before with characters we really wanted to meet," he said.


More like home for some moviegoers. Mary Kravenas said when she entered her Chicago theater it was like stepping into a comic book convention. People were dresses up as the super heroes from the movie, donning the iconic red, white and blue from Captain America and the Steampunk green and black cape from Loki.


"It really came together well," she said. "I think there were a lot of people who were worried about the movie focusing on Iron man or Captain America, but they did a great job creating the ensemble."


In the end, "The Avengers" was an ensemble of extraordinary characters Stubblefield said, "they were human, but also super human."

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May 7, 2012
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My wife and I saw it over the weekend and it was pretty darn fun from start to finnish. Good times and a good start to the summer blockbuster movies coming out.

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