Friday, May 11, 2012
Same-sex marriage, Whiskey Row blaze: The best of iReport this week

It was a busy week at the iReport desk, from the same-sex marriage debate to recall primaries in Wisconsin and the death of a beloved children’s author.


Here are five stand-outs you shouldn’t miss:


Wisconsin recall moves forward

It's been the year of the recall for Wisconsin, and iReporter Mediaman has been documenting every step of the campaign to oust GOP Gov. Scott Walker that began when he curtailed the collective bargaining rights of state employees. The iReporter was in Madison on Tuesday for the state’s recall primaries and shot photos of the candidates and imagery from the campaign. Voters will return to the polls in June for the general election pitting Walker against Democratic challenger Tom Barrett in a re-match from last year. "Seeing the climatic conclusion in June will be one for the record books, and the textbooks," Mediaman said.


'Just move to Canada'

After North Carolina voters passed an amendment on Tuesday defining marriage as solely between a man and a woman, iReporters across the U.S. got on camera to share their reactions. Anne Yates and her wife, Claire, said they moved with their two boys to Calgary, Alberta, four years ago because of the discrimination they felt in New Hampshire. They argue that the passage of the same-sex marriage ban teaches people that "it's OK to hate gays and lesbians," Yates said. "I swear, all people from North Carolina should just move to Canada."


Go here to see other perspectives on the debate and reaction to President Obama's declaration of support for same-sex marriage this week.


Blaze on Whiskey Row

Prescott, Arizona's historic Whiskey Row caught fire again on Tuesday, more than a century after the street was destroyed in a 1900 blaze. Videographer Deborah Gallegos was at the scene Tuesday night while flames engulfed three businesses on Montezuma Street -- known as Whiskey Row for the saloons that once lined the block. Crowds gathered across the street on the courthouse square watching plumes of smoke and fire rise from the buildings with "sadness to lose this bit of history."


Inside a Soviet prison

During a March visit to Germany, videographer Tracy Bymoen got a private view inside a Pottsdam prison used by the Soviet Military Counterintelligence after World War II to hold thousands of people. She got a tour of Memorial Leistikowstraße as the director prepared for the permanent exhibition's April opening, and said she "felt chills down my spine seeing the isolation and standing rooms."


Wild things in mourning

Childhood fans of the classic story "Where the Wild Things Are" mourned author Maurice Sendak's passing this week. Matty Horn, in Pomona, New York, still believes "deep down that I am Max, ruler of the 'Wild Things,'" and credits the story with helping him become a confident leader in adulthood. He was one of several people we heard from who loved the the book so much they tattooed scenes from it on their bodies. He made this diptych of his forearm, which he initially shared with iReport via Instagram.


Is news happening where you are, or do you have an opinion you'd like to share? You could be part of next week's Best of iReport. Share your story here.

May 12, 2012
Click to view mediaman's profile

Great job collecting iReports around the globe.  iReporters  can bring personal stories to the forefront that the mainstream media cannot cover. Kudos to CNN for making this happen.

May 12, 2012
Click to view Hal008's profile

As for the same-sex marriage debate, CNN has blocked me from their boards because CNN is run by immoral and excedingly wicked people.  The fact is, homosexuality has destroyed every single, every single, every single civilization where it has been allowed.  First societies tolerate, then the accept it and finally they embrace it. And then it destroys the society and entire nations fall.  Therefore, it's a matter of national survival.  It's for that reason that I think it must be erradicated, and if we have to have a civil war to achieve that, so be it.  It won't last long anyway as the gays will all run like the cowards they are. 

May 12, 2012
Click to view cnnthoughts's profile



I do agree with you that it has destroyed every civilization that has embraced it. Thus, it is important that we do not allow this push to force us to agree with this to continue. I pray that we do not have a civil war over this issue.

May 12, 2012
Click to view JeanPSartre7's profile

Hal008 & cnnthoughts - It is sad to see that we still have so many thoughtless and intolerant people in the 21st century... one would have thought that even the low IQ people would have added a point or 2 to their IQ during the centuries... I guess, for some folks, there just isn't any evolving...

May 12, 2012
Click to view polygraph's profile

Oh, those poor boys...having to be raised by 2 cow lesbians. Sad. The cows don't even have enough self respect to maintain a healthy wait. Bad enough there is no father role model in the family, but to have to model on THAT. Very close to child abuse.

May 12, 2012
Click to view Horrendus's profile

JeanPSartre7- It is sad to see that we still have so many thoughtless and intolerant people in the 21st century... one would have thought that even the low IQ people would have added a point or 2 to their IQ during the centuries... I guess, for some folks, there just isn't any evolving.  SO true, and even those who may have some clues, still don't understand that being accepting of Gays WILL destroy our nation.

May 13, 2012
Click to view tokencode's profile

Polygraph, you're not even intelligent enough to spell "weight" correctly....  why should anyone value your opinion?

May 13, 2012
Click to view spurtulous's profile

what a complete mo ron..... where do you get your facts on civilizations? mormon history books?

religion is what destroys. religion has fueled almost every single war up till 60 years ago.

but hey.... Im so ignorant I think a fetus can form from an unfertilized egg and that zombies existed 2000 years ago. and that all the animals in the world could fit on an itty bitty boat and some old guy and a cane could make a sea part.

May 13, 2012
Click to view Walker57's profile

It amazes me that there are still people, like Hal008, who have not bothered with the education system, and continue to attempt to further instigate hatred and violence with unfounded allegations. How does homosexuality bring down a nation? Why would you think a homosexual was a coward? You have a distorted image of the world and the people in it.

May 13, 2012
Click to view Eddudley's profile

It amazes me that people, all people see things so differently. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes in the past but for some it is evident that will not happen. I've always believed that the majority of society is not capable of making the right decision so there will always be a chosen few that must lead the sheep if you will.  That number has obviously grown since I was a kid even though we are told we have gotten smarter and more educated. I have doubts about that!


Keep the peace and love thy neighbor.

May 13, 2012
Click to view peick's profile

Regarding the gay marriage debate:


First of all, why would we ever rely on a poll to decide whether this is right or wrong? Shame on CNN and Americans for delegating their moral choices to group consensus.  Remember that fifty years ago what we are doing now would have been unthinkable. The polls would have given us a diametrically opposite view of the exact same issue. So what changed? The issue? No, just the perception. And in fifty years, people will have changed their minds again.


Next, who decides whether allowing homosexuals to "marry" is harmful? You would firstly need to define harm. Just because it doesn't seem to be harmful because the people in the picture are all smiling and, hey, it doesn't interfere with my bliss for the moment, are we really capable of seeing all the long-term consequences of this? We know what happens when traditional families form the basis of society, and that is the society we had when America became great. But now we are going to throw that away and presume our greatness will continue.


Finally, remember that God is going to judge us and is already judging this nation. We can repent and get right with him still, but if we refuse, then the consequences are on us. We had a choice.

May 13, 2012
Click to view spurtulous's profile

ignorance is past on by ignorant parents. ignorance CREATES fear, fear feeds ignorance. the endless circle.

as for 'god' that is why this is an issue. apparently this 'god' told some dude to write in some book about how to treat difference. just the words that a 'god' will judge u on death is ignorant. why does an almighty knowing 'god' need to judge? only humans judge others. an almighty 'god' already knows and would need not judge. Oh but if u got judged badly u can just make a donation and it will be wiped clean. again human traits in this 'god'. the Incas/Mayans got JUDGED and look what christians did to them. ooops im broke a christian taliban rule and pointed out a non Islam related massacring of mankind... so sorry forgot part of my being judged is to not question the church.

May 13, 2012
Click to view RalphinFL's profile

@Hal008. Do you have any historical evidence to support your contention that civilizations have been destroyed by tolerance of homosexuality? There have been civilizations that were tolerant of homosexuality and subsequently declined, but not any direct evidence that it was the causal factor. You appear to be ignorant of history and simply regurgitating nonsense you have heard in church or on some right wing talk show.

May 13, 2012
Click to view Runwest's profile

This will always be a simple yet divisive issue.  Marriage is a RELIGIOUS institution ordained by GOD.  Gay unions will never be RELIGIOUS marriage because it can never be derived (and is condemned) from both the Koran and the Bible, therefore it will never be a religious right.  Gay marriage is becoming and should always be a CIVIL UNION ordained by Man.   Politicians cannot or should not try to discriminate against religion by mandating irreconcilable doctrines.  This issue will always be a problem for one reoccurring reason… and lesbians will not be content with tolerance and civil rights but will demand RESPECT and not be satisfied until until Muslims and Christians abandon their deeply held beliefs about God…RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE.

May 14, 2012
Click to view btgarrett's profile

I find it difficult to believe that not one reporter or politician has brought up the issue that "marriage" is a religious rite and that it needs to be respected as just that, however this problem could be solved by one simple answer; Civil Unions. Not civil unions for homosexuals, but civil unions for all. Marriage is, and should be, conducted as a religious ceremony where you make vows to each other and to God; not to the United States Government. Why is it that all have failed to see that marriage is not a government institution it is far older. Government has failed us; where is separation of church and state on this one? Marriage should have never been used as the language in any national or state government definitions of a union. I should have the right to legally chose one person, whether it be a woman or a man, to have the same rights as all others. I respect marriage for I am a Christian, and I believe that marriage is clearly defined as a vow between a man, a woman and God, but I am also gay and I understand that the United States government should have nothing to do with marriage, for it impacts the rights on both sides. I should be able to go to the courthouse with whomever I chose to have a single, legal connection to, even if it is just a life long friend. If someone chooses to have a religious ceremony then they should be able to do so as well.  Why hasn't the language "marriage" been removed from our law books? I don't blame Christians for being mad, I don't blame the gay community for being mad, I blame government for once again failing us to see that a simple civil union for all is the right approach. CNN, I implore you to toss this idea to the public. I think you will find it, like I have, to be quite interesting. Love, BTG. Maybe I should run for congress.

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