Tuesday, May 15, 2012
iReporters help bring back 'Nikita'

There was no shortage of TV series that were left on the brink of cancellation - last month when we asked iReporters which of the shows “on the bubble” they wanted to see saved.

However, just like “Chuck” in 2009, one show emerged above the rest.

“Nikita,” the action adventure series which finishes its second season Friday on the CW (which is partially owned by Time Warner, owner of CNN), was far and away the most popular “bubble” series on iReport.

“‘Nikita’ is one of the most underrated TV shows on air,” said Sandi Leung of Toronto, Ontario.

“It's one of the rare shows that is filled with its action packed scenes, comedy, romance, and so much more. It incorporates so many different elements, which makes it a perfectly balanced show.”

Leung is such a fan that she has actually met several cast members, including Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca, at home in Toronto (where the show is produced).

“It has so much more to give, and only giving the show two seasons wouldn't be enough,” she posted to iReport.

The great news for fans like Leung is that “Nikita” will continue to give: A third season, thanks in part to these fans’ efforts on social media, was picked up by the CW on Friday.

Nina Talverdian of Los Angeles was another of the many who sung the show’s praises on iReport.

“’Nikita’ has well-rounded eye-catching characters with acting talent and sex appeal; impressive stunts that would blow anyone away and a refreshing plot that unexpectedly twists and turns,” she said.

Deanna Wigney of Ottawa, Ontario - who considers herself a member of the “Nikitaverse” fan group – agrees: “This show is pretty much my escape from reality, and I know it is for other people as well.

“Our protagonist is strong and complex, and her acting is fabulous. [‘Nikita’] has amazing writing, outstanding cast members and the stunts are so cool!”

Leung added, “You can’t ignore the stunts,” pointing out that Maggie Q does her own stunt work.

In response to these fans mobilizing on iReport, show creator Craig Silverstein told CNN, “Thanks to all our fans who succeeded in the effort to save ‘Nikita!’  You will be remembered and showered with rewards.”

Are you a "Nikita" fan? Post your thoughts on the show's renewal below, and stay tuned in 2013 for another "Save my show" assignment.

May 15, 2012
Click to view Bruna1's profile

I have no words to thank CW to renew this show! Nikita is one of the best current productions, and deserves more media attention!

May 15, 2012
Click to view chaddie53's profile

Love this show, so glad that CW had the smarts to bring it back for 3rd season. Love how the team is building. I agree the media needs to give it more attention.

May 15, 2012
Click to view angelicahere's profile

nikita best show ever.

May 15, 2012
Click to view Mikita123's profile

No words can ever be enough to thank CW in giving us another season of Nikita! Maggie, Shane and all the cast deserve this! It wouldn't been possible as well for them to create such a dynamic and powerful show if it weren't for Craig and the writers' awesomeness! :) Thanks CNN for helping us save Nikita :)

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