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CNN iReport Awards: Original reporting

Editor's note: The iReport Awards recognize the best in participatory journalism from around the iReport community. You can see the nominees in all of the categories and vote for the Community Choice Award at the CNN iReport Awards website.


Storytelling is the cornerstone of everything we do at CNN iReport.  iReporters share interesting stories with the world every day, many of which would not of have otherwise been told.


The nominees in the Original Reporting category of the CNN iReport Awards found amazing stories - some in their neighborhoods, some on the other side of the word. They also told their stories with skill, craftsmanship and creativity. Their iReports add depth and perspective to CNN's newsgathering:



Walking with the wounded


Jaco Van Gass


Chris Bennett was driving near his house in London, England, when he saw a man dressed in camouflage dragging car tires around a park. Bennett thought it would be an interesting photo opportunity, so he stopped the car and went to talk with him.


He met British Army Pvt. Jaco Van Gass, who lost his arm and was badly wounded by a rocket-propelled grenade in Afghanistan. Bennett interviewed Van Gass about his Army career and his difficult recovery and learned that he was training for an expedition to reach the North Pole on foot.


Return to South Sudan


Southern Sudan


Roseann Dennery witnessed this homecoming in south Sudan while working for a relief agency in the war-torn country. A bus carrying returnees arrived in the Bahr el Ghazal region in February after south Sudan voted for independence.


Dennery said the first person she talked to said he lost everything when he fled the fighting 15 years ago and that he had feared he would never be able to come home again.


Spontaneous ground zero celebrations



New Yorker Miriam Cintron rushed to ground zero when she heard that al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed. The streets were filled with people celebrating the news.


Cintron captured the festive scene and asked people how they were felt when they heard the news. One Marine described himself as the happiest man in the world and others said they felt patriotic. Her story captured a slice of history.


First same-sex marriage in the military


Same-sex marriage


Navy Lt. Gary Ross and his partner, Dan Swenzy, tied the knot at midnight on September 20, 2011, just as the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy expired.


iReporter Mark Collier attended the wedding and shared a warm and intimate view of a moment in military history.


Child witches of Nigeria


Toby Binder spent 10 days at a children's home in Nigeria and documented the treatment of children accused of witchcraft. He said the children suffered abuse and neglect after being branded as evil.


Binder's photos show the difficult conditions the children face, but he also captured moments of happiness as the children played.


What does it take to be a real gladiator?



Tracy Bymoen visited a gladiator school at Roman amphitheater in Trier, Germany and met the modern-day warriors who carry on the ancient fighting traditions.


Instructors train for 12 hours a day for years to become full-fledged gladiators and hold boot camps for visitors who want a taste of the lifestyle.


You can vote for your pick for the Community Choice Award at the iReport Awards website and you can share your story at CNN iReport.

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