Friday, May 18, 2012
Herons, wildfires and silent raves: The best of iReport this week

Here at Team iReport, it’s always tough to boil down the best iReports in any given week to five high-quality gems you see in these roundup blog posts. We watch the site like a mother hawk tending to her nest, so we get to see all of the awesome photos, videos and stories that iReporters regularly send our way. But picking out the best ones? It's like asking that mother hawk to pick her favorite hatchling.


From a rave on the beaches of Tel Aviv and majestic herons fishing in the waters of Alberta, Canada, to the wildfires raging in the U.S. Southwest – Dear Reader, this is the week in iReport.


Portraits of poverty in Italy


Domenico Giannantonio lives in the small, northern Italian town of Reggio Emilia. Last year, during his travels throughout the town and to the metropolitan centers Venice and Milan, he was struck by scores of homeless and impoverished he saw in the streets. He took these photos as a way of humanizing what he sees as an underrepresented group in Italian society.


“We really could not solve the problem of poverty in our society, but we can do one thing: to speak and listen to [them]. Hear their story of life, gather their evidence,” he said. “In short, consider them persons and not objects.”


Herons: Kings of the fishermen!


Professional photographer Eric Rossicci was traveling the waterways of Surrey, British Columbia, when he came across a group of herons feasting on fresh fish. He knew he had to get the moment on camera, and these stunning HDR-enhanced pictures were the result.


“There is a rookery nearby and at this time of year the Herons are busy building their nests and fishing,” he said. “The inevitable fight for fishing territory follows as can be expected, so it's always fun to watch them and capture them doing what they do best. They are so engrossed in fishing that they don't mind people getting close to them which makes it easy for me to get their pictures.”


Arizona wildfires ‘bleeding’ into Phoenix


Andrew Pielage of Phoenix, Arizona, shot these photos of nearby wildfires on May 15. Firefighters are trying to contain major blazes fueled by strong winds in the region. “We figured the best way to get some quality images would be to go with the birds-eye-view," he said. "Once up on our perch we knew right away this wildfire is not going away anytime soon”


The ‘right side of history’ on same-sex marriage


Cartoonist Brixton Doyle regularly submits his doodles to iReport, which he uses to sound off on current events, and offer a humorous look at the top headlines of the moment. He penned this comic in reaction to North Carolina's May 7 statewide vote to approve an amendment that bans same-sex marriage, and Obama's announcement a day later of personal support for LGBT partnerships.


“We might not have had a country, let alone a Constitution, if not for a gay man, [Frederich Wilhelm] von Steuben – the tactician Washington (well-aware of his homosexuality) employed to get his army in shape at Valley Forge,” he wrote, citing a popular but still-unproven view among some historians. “I think states that are foolish enough to outlaw gay marriage will quickly reverse course.”


The topic has stirred up plenty of debate on iReport, both for and against same-sex marriage. See more of the conversation here.


Silent rave-goers get down on Tel Aviv beach


Journalism student Erik Sahlin shot this video of a ‘silent rave’ on the beaches of Tel Aviv, Israel, on May 4 where partiers donned noise-canceling headphones and danced the day away. The fad began in Europe, but has quickly spread to all corners of the world as a fun, unique way to get a party going at any hour, in any locale.


“[Party-goers] rent headphones that are connected wirelessly to the DJ who is sending out the music,” he said. “People were loving it, and it created a bond between those who were attending it. I also tried it out myself and it felt like being in your own world together with others.”


Are interesting stories going down where you are, or do you have an opinion you're dying to share? You could be a selection in next week's Best of iReport roundup: Share your story.

May 18, 2012
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the economy would be better if the goverment would quiot sending all of the tax money to foren countrys and keep medicare and social security. Give more money to education in or country. The only reason that the goverment send's all of thetax money is because they are trying to buy there friend ship.  Why should we be rebuilding there country's when they do not appreciate it.

May 19, 2012
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Yes, it would seem that you needed that tax money in your education. Your grammar skills have me worried for The United States' future...

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