Friday, May 25, 2012
Marches, moves and messages: The best of iReport this week

Every week, hundreds of iReports are uploaded onto the site, and each week the iReport Team highlights stories that are exceptional, undiscovered or simply the best. From naming streets after icons to walking suspects off runways, this week, the site was filled with breaking news, momentous moves and messages of hope:


Joplin, one year later


As May 22 approached, Grant Deardorff drove around Joplin, Missouri, snapping pictures of the town that one year ago was decimated by a devastating tornado. He photographed local schools, businesses and homes and says the landscape has totally transformed.


“I would never show up and take pictures of the back of a Walmart, but Walmart had been gone and it had been destroyed,” he said. “The most mundane place in your entire world can become the most significant.”


Flight scare


A woman in handcuffs was led away by police after a security scare on Flight 787 from Paris to Charlotte, North Carolina, on Wednesday. John O'Connor and his wife were onboard when they noticed some commotion on the plane. The woman claimed to have a device implanted in her body. "It was just so low key. The announcement came on board that they were looking for an emergency medical person, then 'was there a doctor on board?'" he said.


"The suspect was seated diagonally to me. At some point during the flight she came up and sat. I thought she was the one doing the helping rather than the one in trouble," he said.


Nay to NATO


The NATO Summit in Chicago generated more than just ideas, it stirred up emotions of anger, frustration and passion. People from all over the U.S. came to the Windy City to protest the summit, marching through the streets of downtown, chanting for the end of military occupation in Afghanistan.


Tom Jozefowicz documented the marches, which he described as chaotic. “There [were] thousands and thousands of people, and hundreds of police officers on both sides of the streets,” he said.


I spy the 'ring of fire'


Sky-watchers in some parts of the world were treated to a rare event over the weekend: An annular solar eclipse. The "ring of fire" -- termed becaused the sun appears as a thin ring behind the moon -- was visible in Western parts of the U.S. and Asia. Howard Bruensteiner photographed the solar eclipse over the sandy dunes of Roswell, New Mexico.


He describes the eclipse as something that reminded him of infinity. "At mid-eclipse, looking into the blackness in the center of the sun was like looking into forever ... like a worm hole, if that could be imagined," he said.


There's 'Milk' on the street


San Diego’s Blaine Avenue was christened Harvey Milk Street on Tuesday, the 82nd anniversary of the slain gay rights leader. Milk was the first openly gay man to be elected for public office in California. Anthony Antoine McWilliams shot a video of the street sign’s unveiling and said it shows that Milk should be honored for his leadership.


"The climate is now to see the dreams of Harvey Milk fulfilled. It's the same year that our first sitting President of the United States has publicly shifted his position to support gay marriage,' he said.


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