Tuesday, May 29, 2012
iReport Debate: Top 5 election issues

Throughout the election season, we're inviting you to tell us what issues matter most in an initiative called the iReport Debate. Hundreds nominated their top issues, and more than 33,000 of you ranked those issues in order of importance.


And it's perhaps no surprise that the economy tops your list, with 44% of voters identifying it as their top issue.


Why do we care what issues matter most to you? They'll determine what topics iReporters tackle in weekly head-to-head debates. Before we explain, check out the five issues:


1. Economy

2. Health care

3. National debt

4. Education

5. Taxes


In the coming weeks, we'll be introducing new questions based on each of these topics, giving you the opportunity to make your best argument for why and how the next president should tackle the problem.


Ultimately we'll take questions to the candidates themselves.


We've launched an iReport Debate group to keep you informed of the assignments and the latest news on the debate front. Stay tuned and come back here for more details on Monday, June 4.

May 29, 2012
Click to view roygsaltman's profile

A significant issue is the current campaign in several Republican-dominated states to suppress voting by those who do not have driver's licenses. These are primarily the poor, the young, the aged, and the handicapped, mostly Democratic constituencies.  In Florida, the situation is even more dire.  The Republican governor has issued demands that a large number of voters prove that they are entitled to vote.  No one knows the criteria for a person being on the list.  Many have been voters for years.  A WWII veteran hero and a woman who has a passport were included on the list for no apparent reason.  Sen. Nelson of Florida has said that Hispanics are being targeted.  The right to vote is fundamental.  This shocking situation demonstrates the fundamental underhandedness of today's Republican party.

May 30, 2012
Click to view burger123's profile

i agree with u but some people drive without a license but i think u should be my friend

May 31, 2012
Click to view k3vsDad's profile

Sounds good, zdan, look forward to the updates and the assignments.

June 1, 2012

If you cannot prove who you are, then why should you be allowed to influence who serves as government officials?  Whether you drive or not, I dont know a single state that doesnt offer to Identify you with some form of ID.. The notion that people think they should just be able to go up to the voting booth by just your own word and nothing else is simply pipe dream propaganda..  More election fraud is geared toward supporting the liberal agenda more so than conservatives and I am not talking about politcal parties because both Democrats and Republicans have liberal agendas and its those candidates with that agenda that are most likely to participate in the fraud while at the same time crying foul at any attempt to maintain the integrity of the voting process.

June 2, 2012
Click to view nl20051405's profile

Let's do this investigation on those benefitted from one-child policy first.  Only do those little emperors and little princess know what education mean to them, economy or taxes will mean something for them. And health or national debt will no longer the responsiblities of the matured and the professional only.

June 3, 2012
Click to view b8kill3r's profile

thats a panther in florida with that alligator, not a bobcat.....

June 3, 2012
Click to view sickuvit's profile

I agree with TeaParty432. However we must remember that we are all disenfranchised because even though we report to the voting booth with our legitimate I.D.'s, don't forget that the electoral college still exists. This is an antiquated system established by rural America to ensure that the people could send delegates elected by the people to Washington to cast the vote given by the people.There are so many ways for us to communicate which gives us an opportunity to cast our vote even if we are shut ins. The polular vote has been silenced to propel the career politician forward to so that he or she may cater to the lobbyists (which should be illegal). If we got rid of the lobbyists, enforced identification verification of U.S. registered voters / citizens, got rid of the electoral college, and actually counted the popular vote, we would see the true American Voice.

June 4, 2012
Click to view citizenacts's profile

My Citizenship Agenda- Posted 4 JUN 2012

#1 Economy

#2 Syria

#3 Iran

#4 USA Immigration System

#5 Women Equality & Rights

#6 Marriage Equality

#7 Government & Spiritual Matters

#8 Tax System

#9 Healthcare

June 5, 2012
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Just heard a story that Florida is purging voter lists. The person who reported that on CNN should check the morning Fort Worth Star-Telegram for the story about the big Texas voter registration purge in process. That is an alternate issue, but I could not find the story on the Web site. This is a big deal. Apparently many of the people being purged are citizens, many in Hispanic areas. In addition, the state spends more than 40 cents a voter to take people off the roles, while spending only about 25 cents per voter to get them on the roles.

June 5, 2012
Click to view mtnldy's profile

I am deeply worried about Republican underhandedness in the coming election. There was plenty of it when Bush was re-elected and I don't think there is much they won't stoop to this time.  Did you ever notice how difficult it is to tell Teaparty and Taliban apart?

June 5, 2012
Click to view daxfkdofdjfo's profile

I would like to ask either candidate what they would do to create jobs and get companies hiring again? The main focus of most congressional leaders is getting re-elected. Which candidate would act to stop the excessive spending by major companies and organizations. The money spent is evidence that companies have the potential to create jobs instead of trying to buy elections.

June 5, 2012
Click to view MaxedOut11's profile

You cant fix any of these unless you get the money out of politics.

June 5, 2012
Click to view Kate111's profile

TeaPaty432, you apparently don't remember though one has to register to vote than sign in, we were given the right to vote with anonymity, it is Conservatives mostly approve of ID's and Conservative states that require showing ID.

I should not have to provide my ID to vote. When they have my name and check to see if I had already voted in their books. And as for fraud, it has been well documented that Republicans have kept people who are in line to vote from voting. Fraud is not any more or less one party or another.

June 5, 2012
Click to view coachfur's profile

DUH! @Kate111 You have heard of Dead Man Walking haven't you....IN FLORIDA...Holder would have it....DEAD MAN VOTING!  In order to vote in THIS country BEFORE 2008  YOU HAD TO BE A LEGAL CITIZEN OVER 18 years of age!  Since 2008....illegals have been allowed to stay here...get free healthcare, food stamps, and welfare...ON THE BACKS OF LEGALS!  Nice isn't it?  Why not let 12,000,000 to now almost 20,000,000 ILLEGALS THAT ARE HERE stay in this country and allow them to vote for the team that gives them everything on the back of us working people.  Socialism IS NOT WHAT THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON!  Communism...WAS NOT what this country was built on...Marxism is NOT what this country was built on...letting illegals from any/every country in and taking jobs way from LEGALS layed off WHO WANT TO WORK BUT THERE ARE NO JOBS...and the jobs that illegals have...SHAME ON YOU!  YOU MUST HAVE ID TO VOTE or you could vote 20 times at 20 different polling places.  How many Jose Jimenez,'s how many Juan Rodrigues's,etc are there? Almost NOW 20 millions living off the backs of taxpayer hand-outs and all those will be given free healthcare...while I HAVE TO PAY FOR MY healthcare...YUP..nice! Get a brain will you Pleeeeeze!


June 6, 2012
Click to view Texan463's profile

If I don't need an ID to vote because it is a constituional right, then I do not need an ID to exercise any other constituional right, like the right to bear arms.


Or does anyone think that to purchase a firearm, one would need to prove who they are. If so, then shouldn't the use of the ultimate weapon, the vote, also require you to prove who you are?


It is just common sense people. When you are asked to provide ID to vote, that is protecting your right as well as everyone elses', and ensuring a fair election process. How would you feel if you went into your polling place and they checked the list only to discover that "you" or somebody posing as you had already voted. You would be denied the chance to cast your true ballot. If you think those evil republicans are capable of such underhanded tactics, then dont give them a chance. Make them prove their identity when they vote. That will protect your chance to vote for President Obama, gay marriage, amnesty for illegal immigrants or any other issue or candidate you support. By requiring ID from all voters, all votes are protected.

June 6, 2012
Click to view maff's profile

Seems like the national debt should be #1. Doesn't matter how good the economy may "seem" to get. If we still have that debt, none of us will have healthcare, jobs, and those who do will be paying higher taxes. Now thats education for ya

June 6, 2012
Click to view chooseagain's profile

I notice the abortion and homosexuality are not on the list.  I'm not complaining as I believe those are non-issues.  But, perhaps the GOP should take note ...

June 6, 2012
Click to view westwyre's profile

Some one needs to read more the requirement is not a drivers license it is photo ID ( state issues them to non drivers) birth certificate OR utility bill so unless they are living on street no one should have a problem voting unless tehy are illegal and trying to ppulll a fraud

June 6, 2012
Click to view westwyre's profile

You have to show ID for just about everything now adays from cashing check to aoolying for job- why should voting be less protected from Fraud?

June 6, 2012
Click to view silence2011's profile

Election reform bill I've been sending out for over 30 years...


1. Set spending limits on Elections to $.50 per registered voter effected by the office in question.

     2. Currently all broadcast media must have as part of their license a certain amount of “community service.” Have part of that be Local radio and TV stations for local offices. Network’s and National Radio and TV for National ones.

     3.All sample ballots must included a section on how each candidate has voted, and or acted on major issues and what they have accomplished in lesser offices or related employment.

     4. Bills and Propositions must have spending limits enforced; $.50 per person once more would be effective.

     5. Make it a crime for our Government officials: Congressmen, Representatives and all other levels of Public Office; to vote on any bill or law where they have received funds, gifts or have any ties to any one involved with the “Special Interests” involved. Trading votes with others would be considered as conspiracy to commit treason.


June 6, 2012
Click to view GregOPauls's profile

You show your license to a police officer, you show id to get on a air plane, you show id to get in and out of the country legally, you show id to purchase a gun so you should have to show id to vote.  It is that simple.

June 8, 2012
Click to view Minxxy's profile

I am a veteran, who served my country; but have not voted since 92. I couldn't bring myself to vote for "the lesser of 2 evils", so I didn't vote. All I saw, was greedy men trying to make as much money as they could, while in term, through what I would call suspicious actions ( like the with the tobacco, and oil industries ). They were elected to serve U/us, the American people....rich, or poor...and they are only serving themselves! I'm disabled, and haven't worked in 3 years. I have too many restrictions on what I can, and cannot do, so employers hire the ones who CAN do the work without special treatment. If I was still working, and did what they are doing on Capital Hill, I would have been fired LONG ago! They refuse to extend the unemployment, saying that there isn't any money for it; yet, they give tax breaks to the oil companies, and the electric companies, and still manage to give themselves pay raised!! They don't care about the 99% of U/us! If they can't benefit from it, it doesn't happen! I'm also worried that they will steal the election, just as they did for bush! As I said before, I have been sitting back and watching..waiting for someone I could honestly back. I didn't vote last term, but, Obama has been doing His best to keep the promises He made! The Republicans refuse anything that He puts in front of them...even if it's something that they originally came up with! He has proven Himself to me, and I am voting for Obama this time! We finally have someone in office who truly cares about U/us! He started out as one of U/us, and knows what W/we go through on a day to day basis. He is the best choice for this country....who would you want in office? Someone who is confident, and can handle Himself in ANY situation, like Obama?..or, someone who has stated to the entire world that he has "foot in mouth sindrome"? Romney could very well start a war, just by saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time!!   Since election, the jobs have been increasing; slowly, I know...all recoveries are slow! It has still been an increase! Romney says that he is a job creator, but; he has also stated that he will cut government. Am I the only one who wonders what the job market will be like, with all the thousands of government ex-employees joining it? How is it creating jobs, when you get rid of all the government workers??? He also wants to cut EPA, and Education....I, for one, like being able to rrust the water I drink, and food I eat, and the places I live to be safe for me to be there! I also think that W/we need to be INCREASING the Education system...W/we have fallen from one of the best in Education, to...I think W/we had fallen to 23rd?? Let's quit the "dumming down" of America, and start finding Inteligent solutions to O/our problems....like diseases,and more environmentally friendly products, and living environments!

June 12, 2012
Click to view believer2011's profile

even through all of these issues there is still an issue it comes back to...i agree have proper id, you can vote. be here legally you can vote.

IMMIGRATION is another issue. too many are here illegally. i am in a long over 20 month battle trying to get my husband here LEGALLY while others still come in this country the ILLEGAL way. others are here and have been here illegally for many years.

i am all for everyone having the opportunity to come here and try for a better life but do it the legal way like many others have to do!

too many here the illegal way they are living off the government and us. get them off the programs and stop wasting taxpayers money for people who dont deserve to be here.

June 13, 2012
Click to view Lifeasitisx2's profile

I memorized my social security number BY HEART I'd post it here if I wanted too. I know who I am and the mojority of the faces around me. Friends....Family. Human Beings. I don't need a photo of them if I needed that I could ask them for there Facebook address. In Chicago where Im from things are very different from other cities and small towns. Im 27 I hope that I don't swallowed by the system for being a decent person who wants to stand up and be heard for once and do something good about it aside from the deep long drawn out hoopla of politics. Remember the 70's? I don't I wast born...its 2012. I want to move forward....but if I have to fear for my life for wearing a hoodie and walking down the street living life then the issues at hand need more then a "top 5". ~John Christopher Allen 7/27/1985 currently free as of 6/13/2012....I have court for a minor hearing June 15 for a paternity test....because "THATS an ISSUE!" I missed court on June  8th and now I have a bench warrant. Go figure at this current time with so much to say....to be continued :p

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