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‘Beryl-ing’ storms and royal stories: The best of iReport this week

Every week iReporters from across the world upload amazing stories onto the site, and every Friday the iReport Team tries to highlight the stories that make us say "wow" or "have you seen this iReport?" From a tropical storm edging up the eastern coast of the United States, to a story that starts in a chicken factory and goes straight to Buckingham Palace, the stories this week took some interesting turns:


‘Beryl-ing’ through a wedding


Satin dresses and lace veils thrashed frantically in the wind as Tropical Storm Beryl started to make landfall during a Jacksonville, Florida, wedding. Scott Thornton captured a video of his friends, Ryan and Amanda, tying the knot, despite gusts of wind and the ominously darkening sky.


“Nobody got rained on,” Thornton said. “It was like perfect timing. They said I do, there was the kiss, and then, ‘Whoo!’ and we ran. The house for the reception was right behind it.”


Thornton decided to upload the video as a wedding present to the bride and groom. “I actually didn’t get them a wedding gift, so I felt bad. I wanted to send an iReport,” he said.


It’s hailing baseballs


Stormy weather continued throughout the week as a massive hail storm swept through Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Jeremy Battle started filming the hail storm outside his home, expecting the pieces to be the size of golf balls.


“As the hail intensified to three inches, near baseball size hail, I begin shouting ‘Oh my goodness’ in the video because I have never seen hail hit that size firsthand. I had to keep my back against my front door to prevent any hail from hitting me directly. It was an experience I will never forget.”


‘Kissing’ at the Olympics


As the 2012 Olympics heads underway in London, Harry Hayfield captured the “kiss” of the Olympic flame. The "kiss" is when the Olympic flame is passed from torchbearer to torchbearer.


Hayfield added that the tradition of passing the torch for the Olympics, otherwise known as the Olympic Torch Relay, was established during the 1930s as a way of connecting the ideals of Nazi Germany to Ancient Greeks.


“The fact that the 1948 London Olympics took the idea and turned it into a message of peace between nations shows that peace will always overcome war,” he said.


From chickens to carriages


James Mills sent in an iReport about how he not only met Queen Elizabeth II, but also worked for her. Mills was working at a chicken factory in Glasgow, Scotland, when he applied for a "trainee butler," he told CNN's Barry Neild.


When Buckingham Palace called to offer him a job, his mother thought it was a crank call.  "It's one of those jobs you never expect to hear back from, so when they called my house my mother thought it was one of my friends having a wind up. So for three days she kept telling them to piss off."


Eventually, Mills called the number back himself and accepted the job, and he worked for the Queen from 2002 until 2006 as a footman.


"The footman -- that was me -- would either walk alongside the carriage in which the queen, or visiting head of state rides, or depending on the style of carriage, the footman may ride on the back. It is my job to protect the persons inside, and also to get the carriage door open when it stops to assist the passengers in or out."


Everything is illuminated


Across America, people celebrated Memorial Day on Monday by remembering those who served the country. But Eric Raum was not in the U.S. on Memorial Day, he was in Buehring, Kuwait.


In Buehring, Kuwait, the United Service Organization, a nonprofit group, put together a 5k run/walk in remembrance of fallen soldiers. The run ended with 6,431 luminaries glowing softly in a vast field.  Raum said it was truly a humbling and incredibly moving sight.


“It was a very powerful and emotional reminder of the human impact these last 12 years have had, as well as the meaning behind the day," he said. "Many soldiers taking part are on their second, third, or more deployment, and many know first hand the faces behind those lights.”


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June 1, 2012
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Great reports!


Congrats to all of you for your coverage.


June 1, 2012
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Some of the best ever!

June 3, 2012
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Pat, I want to know why you are not at the Bilderberg Meeting or even reporting on it? Why as a Christian, are you not standing up to this evil in this world with Prayers & Leadership, shining Gods light on their Darkness being executed in secret right now as the Global Agenda?


You should be rallying people peacefully to be there with the protesters and leading them in prayers for this world and Country, and binding up the Principalities and Powers of Darkness as they discuss our demise right in your own backyard. Why is there not even a whisper of this event coming from CNN and who do you really stand up for, the Globalists or God? Shame on you!


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