Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Watching and waiting as fire spreads

Phillip Genest did not have the best day on Friday.

He went camping in Argentina Canyon, in Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico.

“All still seemed well until later on in the afternoon,” he said. “We started seeing what looked like clouds billowing above the trees on the ridge above us but soon found them to be smoke!”

Phillip and company high-tailed it out of there as they witnessed one of several wildfires hitting Colorado and New Mexico. They quickly left the campground only to see the fire coming down from the ridge close to where their camp was located.

Meanwhile, in northern Colorado, over 40,000 acres have burned, leaving one dead thus far on Tuesday.

At least 100 fire engines and 34 crews are expected to battle the fire in the coming days.

Tiffanie Brewer and Chris White captured images of the fire on Saturday in Fort Collins, Colorado. On Monday, Brewer told us, “Many people have had to evacuate, leaving everything behind.”

Graham Long was able to show the fire’s progression from the vantage point of his home in Laporte, Colorado, by creating a time-lapse video.

“I checked the local news and saw the report of a fire 15 miles west of town, growing quickly,” he said.

“Late in the evening, the hills had an eerie red glow, and I wanted to see if I could capture it with my DSLR.  The wind at the time was steady but slow to the north, but around midnight started to pick up and move to the south.  Since Sunday morning, the town of Laporte has been thick with smoke and some ash (so much that they moved the evacuation center from Laporte to Loveland.)”

The fire was even visible as far away as Cheyenne, Wyoming, on Sunday. That’s when Jacob Zumo took this extraordinary image.

“I was in shock at the scale of this fire and the fact that we could see the smoke cloud so far away,” he said. “Also, I knew that this fire was near the Horsetooth Reservoir in Colorado, so there is quite a bit of wildlife that inhabits the area, so I was of course concerned about that.”

The wildfire is an ongoing story and we will continue to look for your images of this massive blaze. (At the same time, please stay safe and don’t put yourself in danger while iReporting.) Upload your photos here.

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