Friday, June 22, 2012
Fiery protests and calm poses: Best of iReport this week

From commemorating the summer solstice with grand celebrations in some parts of the world to protests igniting in Egypt, we recap the best of iReport this week.


Radiohead stage collapses



Radiohead postponed a part of their upcoming European tour after a stage collapsed in Toronto last Saturday, killing the band's drum technician. The area was guarded by police, but iReporter Gary Jones’ wife was able to capture images of the scene. “Amazingly, one of the guards let my wife snap photos... no one else was allowed,” Jones said.


Solstice sun salutations take over



For the celebration of the summer solstice on Wednesday, thousands of yoga enthusiasts took to Times Square. The all-day yoga fest transformed one of the world’s busiest cities into a wellspring for mind, body and spirit. “It was amazing to see all these people doing yoga. I might want to try it myself,” said Rachel Cauvin.


Pride marches on in Croatia



While Croatia is largely a conservative society, according to iReporter Ivan Klindic, the turn out for the pride parade this year was huge. This year around 4,000 people streamed into Zagreb for the parade – a marked increase as compared to last year’s 1,500.


Protesters contest military rule in Egypt



After a court verdict dissolved the Egyptian parliament, security forces were deployed around the parliament building as thousands of demonstrators gathered on Tuesday in uproar. Ahmed Raafat was in the middle of it all as people chanted slogans like “down with military rule.” They were protesting the decision of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces taking over legislative power.


Fire topples San Francisco pier



Chris Bright saw black smoke rising from San Francisco’s Pier 29 and rushed to see what was going on. He captured this video of the four-alarm fire from across the street. “The fire department got there pretty quickly with about five to six trucks. They seemed to be doing a good job of handling it,” he said. Authorities say the warehouse fire caused substantial damage to the pier.


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June 22, 2012
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Yeah...they had a whole Gay Pride thing goig on at the Whilte House last week. I guess you all missed them making out under the portrait of President Reagan; taking pictures of themselves giving President the "finger"...yep, a whole lot of PRIDE right there for all to see for sure.

June 22, 2012
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Just in case you missed that whole "Gay Pride" thing, here's a link to my iReport about it.


Fun times, right?

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