Monday, July 02, 2012
How CNN iReport works

On iReport, we invite people around the world to upload stories, photos and videos that they think deserve attention from a wider news audience. Everything that's posted receives a very visible "Not Verified for CNN" banner, and a team of moderators reviews the posted content and pulls material that is flagged by the community as in violation of iReport's Community Guidelines.


iReport receives, on average, 500 iReports a day, and a fraction of those are approved for CNN's non-user-generated networks and platforms, which involves fact-checking and verifying the details of a story. When a story is approved, the "Not Verified for CNN" bar disappears and is replaced by a red "CNN iReport" bug that lets the community know a story has been verified. Our producers also give iReport stories extra context, by adding producer notes with further details, CNN reporting, and/or additional quotes from the iReporter.


Sometimes people post deliberately untrue stories on iReport -- about celebrity deaths, for example. Hoaxes are one of the risks of user-generated content and at CNN we take them very seriously. Fortunately, they have been few and far between on iReport. The number of real, important and excellent iReports is far greater than deliberately untrue stories. Just this past week, for example, our site was filled with people sharing their photos and videos of the wildfires in Colorado, views on the Supreme Court's health care decision, and first-person stories from voters in Mexico's presidential election. These stories matter and they're why we are confident in and excited about the future of participatory journalism.


We'd love to hear from you: Are incidents like death hoaxes part of the territory of citizen journalism? What questions do you have for iReport's editorial team? We look forward to reading your comments below.

July 2, 2012
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First of all, the iReport team is doing great and necessary work. The depth of items covered from the vast number of iReporters is unparalleled. I am a social media nut that uses it as nearly my sole method of getting my Vlogs and Blogs out.

Judging from its growth, both new generations and believe it or not the older folk that are not trapped by the minutia of Fox are using it widely as well. I think the integration of “verified” iReporters, folks that are willing to provide legitimate citizen journalism at low or no cost and managed by the professionals, will provide the best news coverage, entertainment coverage, and just regular coverage simply because of scale.

I hope you continue to expand iReport including debates and more organized forums. That engagement brings people in.


July 3, 2012
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Gots to go along with EWillies on the caliber of work being put in by the iReport Team. Can you believe that? EWillies found a meeting of minds? LOL


This community does provide valuable service in allowing us, the every day Joe and Jane, to inform the world of local events that may get missed as well as a forum to express views and opinions that may otherwise be lost in the shuffle.


What I enjoy the most is the back and forth banter and exchange that takes place even when our perspectives may clash at times. It is in those clashes that some times real gems of information and knowledge can be passed along to others or absorbed by those in the debate.


Thanks again for this valuable service.

July 3, 2012
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Today CNN iReport is first of all an U.S. American platform; also almost all assignments are considered only for U.S. American iReporters. I hope that we can found CNN iReport International (like CNN TV has it already, CNN U.S. and CNN International)so that iReporters from all part of the world could participate with equal rights in CNN iReport community activities.

July 3, 2012
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@EWillies1961 and @k3vsDad Thanks for the nice comments, and hooray for agreeing on this one! We're pleased as punch that iReport can offer some middle ground -- and also be a platform for some great political debates between you two.


@markpel We hear you loud and clear! That's why we welcomed Sarah Brown, our first international iReport producer, to the team last week. She'll get started in London soon and you should see a bigger focus on international news on the site!

July 4, 2012
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Katie Mexico is having a nightmare right Now the elections result was rejected by the left candidate and Now the votes will be counted again OMG

July 4, 2012
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On the morning of July 3rd 2012, the gas station prices in Alpena, MI were $3.34/$3.35 per gallon. By the afternoon of July 4th 2012 they were $3.53/$3.55 per gallon(We have 12 gas stations in Alpena, MI).!! My take on this is that someone is taking us for a ride.

July 23, 2012
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I am new and had a couple of questions - there is a group near my home that is going totally green when possible.  Would it be appropriate to do a profile of them and where would it be posted, I don't see any Green/Environment topic.

July 27, 2012
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I just heard a story on Errin Burnetts segment on 7/27/2012, about 7:30 pm on  the 2 million dollar donation by amazon guru and his wife to an organization supporting gay marriage in Washington state.  The report included pro and con (for/against) commentators.  The arguments presented by the commentator defending no limits on personal spending on campaigns was shallow and insulting at best. The very notion that the people who suupport campaign cash limits are people with a bully pullpit who use it to wamby pamby people who have money is downright offensive.  I have neither a bully pulpit to proseltise from, nor a lot of money, but I am certainly educated enough to know that the current rate of unregulated monies going into U.S. campaigns threatens the very fabric of what our freedoms were founded upon.

September 7, 2012
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@mediaangel Sorry for the slow reply! That sounds like a fascinating story. You're welcome to upload iReports even if they don't fit under a particular topic. We still look through everything that's posted.

October 30, 2012
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No question that Sandy is worthy of in-depth coverage by CNN and other networks. It is unfortunate that your network, and other networks as well, feel the need to place your personnel into restricted and dangerous areas simply to get video of a reporter getting wet and blown around in the wind. It minimizes the reporter to the level of a daredevil teenager. It sends the message to others that the news media is above the law and, most importantly, had any of your crew required assistance from first responders it puts those valuable resources at unnecessary risk simply because you are struggling for ratings. CNN can do better than that.

March 3, 2013
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iREPORT to me is an interactive platform that simultaneously provides access to the brains behind an influential electronic media platform and global audiences.


In this age of the proliferation of the means of deception such platforms at least give access to the views of informed citizens of the globalized world for conveying their take on issues to those who develop and present the contents on mini-screen.


Let us use this opportunity possitively for making the world a better place to live. 

May 3, 2013
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iREPORT to me is a prayer answered. I know of no other way to get the word out about the atrocities' that are taking place in Twin Falls, Idaho. Twin Falls is a small town and is accustomed to getting away with violating people civil liberties. The medical department at the county jail violates peoples rights as well as subjects them to both physical and mental consequences on a regular basis. Even when a person gets a lawyer and files a complaint for them to rectify the situation, which is required in Idaho first, the medical staff/RN ignores this and continues his practices.

He refuses to give people the prescription's that they have been prescribed by other doctors or psychiatrists. He will not let them see their patients in the jail. He refuses to have the Dr whom he says that he consults with see and meet with the inmate/patient and the same goes for the mental health doctor. People having a seizure in the jail is ignored even if its a gramal seizure. People/inmates with mental health issues who seek help are ignored and denied medications that keep them stable. He also discusses others people/inmates medical condition in front of other people/inmates and with jail staff on a regular basis. He actually goes a step beyond this by discussing people/inmates health, medical, and his opinions of them and their character with other doctors and institutions without any authorization. He seems to thrive on hurting people and making their life even harder then it is. His name is Lou Probasco. He has the medical contract with the jail so the prescriptions cut into the costs that he must pay out cutting into his profits. The jail staff county deputies, Lieutenant Hass, Captain Carter all either ignore or condone his behavior along with the County Prosecutors and Judges who must be aware of what is and has been happening for years. Currently there is a woman there who is stage 5 chronic kidney disease and has had no kidneys for 5 years. Her blood pressure is as high as 220/125 on a regular basis. Her diet is not good for her and is high in phosphorus. She is only getting 2 of her 12 prescriptions. She isn't getting exercise and has been lock down by medical for attempting to sabotage her health by trading her food, only to eat what she was given and her levels got worse. I have contacted the ACLU , and some attorneys but this is not a speedy process and in the meantime her health is just getting worse. I know that when you look into this I have only been able to provide a brief look into the atrocities that are taking place in this Idaho city and the attention that it cries out for.     

October 29, 2013
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I am a regular CNN watcher when ever electrict is on. I have witness seen and participated in many things that I always wanted to share with different people around the world as for some reason, we live in a very unpleasent world here.


Ireport well help and protect stories in their origunal form and think is the greatest invention a media house centre can ever think of.


For sure my stories will be on as long as I have been accepted and now belongs to those people who wlll be sharing touching stories of ours and others.

May 13, 2014
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At first! Let me use this medium and descence time, to Thank our CNN iReporters, who has been so much valuable in our ongoing campaign of being best in journalism work. it's important to be more creative and sharp in doing, but try to avoid error, cause' it's a bad domain to many. coming to progression of our "Team iReport", CNN Should atleast have four or more iReporters in a particular state, in any country, that can confirm any News when is been reported by an iReporter. when 4 iReporters from that particular state has been contacted, and they said the same thing the first iReporter reported, then just know that the News is clear and ready to be edited and as well vetted by CNN.


For more explanation, please follow me on Twitter @geoffreyoguguo and 'Facebook me' on Geoffery Oguguo

or you can as well Email me at or

May 19, 2014
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Hello, thanks for creating this section - I was very excited to be able to upload my iReport here! Wow, a report on iCNN! :) I was a bit upset, though, that it wasn't vetted for CNN (as, certainly, I thought it's an important coverage, it was for me!) - though I understand, with several hundreds of reports per day it may be challenging.


So my question – what are the criteria for vetting the report for CNN? I looked through the guidelines, sorry, if I missed it if it was explained. I would be interested to know in order to create better reports. Thanks!

January 29, 2015
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Regarding IReports, I think it is a good vehicle for News.  I believe that whatever an Ordinary Citizen Reports should be as Accurate as possible and not malicious, not libelous, not a hoax, etc.  I try to not mention Individuals by Name in my Correspondence and if I must criticize someone I usually try to state it in the form of an Opinion.  I try to be Accurate and try to verify everything I write.  Some People may not believe what a Person claims; for example Galileo was not believed regarding his Bizarre-sounding, Cutting-edge Scientific claims, however he was CORRECT and everyone else was wrong.  Galileo was Persecuted for expressing his Bizarre-sounding Scientific Beliefs.  I believe that if someone has an Opinion about Science, Technology, World Catastrophes(Wars, Natural Disasters, etc.), or Politics their opinion should be allowed to be heard. If no person is involved then cnn does not need to verify that info before posting just as if Galileo had posted "the earth revolves around the sun." Thank you.

Sincerely AthenaNews

March 20, 2015
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It is a very section that we can post our concern.

I only post something related to health and longevity with natural method. How long we can get note that our post will be verified and posted

a great community to share knowledge worldwide.

Helen Hu

May 2, 2015
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CNN iReport media platform is the most informative, educative and entertaining global platform that afford many of us the medium to tell our own local stories to the world just the way it is; even reporting news behind news in well-written lucid, captivating and witty prose. Thank you for bringing us CNN iReport community for trained media professionals.

May 2, 2015
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My candid advice to CNN Management is to create a forum of credible, well-experienced 'iReport Group of Journalists' across the various continents-starting from United States as back-check on stories earlier submitted by iReport for authenticity; such that after verification, more engaging, fact-bound, true, investigative and timely scoop being submitted by iReport become visible on CNN broadcast.


Sincerely, Naija Standard Newspaper Inc USA (NSNONLINE)

November 17, 2015
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Of the several posts I have uploaded to CNN ireport, are op-ed pieces. Thoughts and interpretations of event both personal and about current event. They are fulfillments of specific assignment ts. So verification of observation and interpretation can not be verified. Yet, none of my stories have been approved for CNN. My latest post in response to the Paris attacks had no facts, but thoughts and feelings. Also if the editors believe there to be facts , I have not been reached out to to determine their veracity. 




R.J.Kipp R.N 

January 1, 2016
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How to upload my post on it?

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