Monday, July 02, 2012
What’s with all the thumbs on iReport?

You may have noticed a bunch of thumbprints popping up on our site in the past 24 hours.


Here’s why: Mexico held presidential elections on Sunday. CNN wanted to hear from voters, but the country prohibits showing or mentioning any kind of information regarding the presidential candidates or parties during election day. So instead of asking voters for their opinions, as we often do during elections, we asked people to upload photos of their ink-stained thumbs proving they voted, along with why they felt it was important to participate.


On Monday, Enrique Peña Nieto was the projected winner of the nation's presidential vote, with between 37.93% and 38.55% of votes. His victory marks a return to power for the political party that ruled Mexico for more than 70 years before losing the presidency in 2000.


In the weeks before the election, students and other activists known as “Yo soy 132” marched against corruption in Mexican politics and Peña Nieto’s possible return to power.


David Olivera, a Texas student who shared the thumbprint above, and said he and his friends were disappointed but not surprised by the outcome. He holds dual American and Mexican citizenship and voted in Huixquilucan, near the house his family owns in Mexico.


“I got depressed and went home to rest, write my feelings on Facebook, Twitter, and CNN, and then just think to myself it's a choice we have to respect now,” he wrote in an email to CNN. “So now we need to make this country (Mexico) a better place for all Mexicans and future generations. The change of this country is in everyone's hands, not only the president’s.”


If you’ve been following the Mexican elections, what do you think about the outcome? Share your thoughts on iReport and they could be included in CNN’s ongoing coverage.

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July 4, 2012
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Mexico is going to have the votes counted again the left candidate asked for it OMG

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