Thursday, July 05, 2012
iReport Debate on health care: Who won?

The gloves are off and the debating has begun!


We held our first head-to-head iReport Debate last week and judging from the hundreds of comments, we struck up a heated conversation.


iReports came pouring in after the Supreme Court's decision to uphold President Obama's health care plan. We selected two iReporters from both sides of the ruling – one who supports Obama’s plan and one who is against it -- to square off in a debate. The iReporters were chosen because of their great video submissions to the health care iReport Debate assignment.


In one corner, Egberto Willies, a Democrat from Kingwood, Texas, supported Obama’s plan. His wife has lupus and he fears that without this law, she would lose her insurance.


And on the other side was Mark Ivy, aka iReporter k3vsDad from Farmersburg, Indiana. He is disabled and on Medicare, but opposes the plan. He predicts the law will increase the cost of coverage.


We asked you to watch the video and tell us who won the debate in the comments. The votes were split pretty evenly.


"I agreed with Egberto because I think an overwhelming majority of people in [k3vsDad]'s condition would breathe a sigh of relief from this ruling," commented iReporter rosehips. "I realize his costs have gone up, as everyone's have."


On the other side, iReporter mab91c put it quite simply in his comment: "k3vsDad - Winner; concise, factual." He found Willies' arguments too "big government" for his style.


However, the majority of the conversation in the comments centered on the larger debate over health care in America.


"I agree that there needs to be a fix, but I don't believe that Obamacare is it," said iReporter ABarker. "I believe that what's going to happen is that Obama, Romney and the other 1% will be able to maintain their private insurance while the rest of us will end up in a government-run health care system."


Ultimately, the ruling is all about perspective, as iReporter pgcounty stated elegantly: "The health care ruling was right for some, and wrong for others. The problem is individual preferences that are controlling to assess what is right or wrong about it."


What did you think of the first head-to-head debate? Let us know what you liked and where we could improve


And for those of you interested in participating, submit an iReport to any of the five iReport Debate assignments. The best video respondents could get a chance to be in an iReport Debate!

July 5, 2012
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Nice wrap up, zdan. Thanks again for allowing me to participate.

July 5, 2012
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I thought it was great.  A little hectic and explosive at the end due to a little too much emotion (not due to k3vsDad or Egberto Willies though), but I liked it a lot.  Good job to K3vsDad and  Egberto Willies!  Also to the rest of those that participated!


July 8, 2012
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Very good and clean debate although the complaining of three dollar copays is almost laughable if it wasn't so much more with private plans

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