Thursday, August 30, 2012
Meet the girl who left hurricane rules for her stuffed animals

Ashley (pictured with her brother, Brantley) poses at a recent piano recital.


Eight-year-old Ashley Taylor thinks a big fuss is being made over nothing about the hurricane behavior rules she left for her stuffed animals.


Taylor lives with her brother, her parents, her fish and about 50 stuffed animals in Mandeville, Louisiana, which was in Tropical Storm Isaac’s path. She just wanted to make sure her plush pals were safe while she and her brother and mom rode out the storm at her grandparents’ house in Alabama.


“I love my stuffed animals,” she told me. “They’re like the only friends that I have on my block.” (She has plenty of friends, just not nearby, according to her mom.)


Ashley's dad, Greg, stayed behind during the storm and found the white board with the rules when he went into her room to feed the fish. He shot a photo, posted it on iReport, and from there it became an Internet sensation, getting reposted on Yahoo, AOL and other sites.


Lots of people (especially Team iReport) thought the rules were adorable. A few people questioned whether she actually wrote the rules (she confirmed she did) and a few (including Ashley and her mom) wondered why CNN cared about such a silly picture.


I talked to Ashley this morning from her Gammy and Pawpaw’s house in Mobile, Alabama.   She said the rules "just came to me." I asked her why she prohibited parties (Rule #4) and she told me, "Because they’ll mess up my room and then my mom will get mad at me." She said she thinks her friends are behaving, and she's a little bit embarrassed about all the attention.


As of Thursday morning, she was doing well at her grandparents' house. The family is waiting for the power to come back on in Mandeville.


"I wish my fish was here and my dad was here and my animals were here."

August 30, 2012
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September 4, 2012
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LOVE this story. would like to read more like it in the news.

September 5, 2012
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I think Ashley is methodical.Women and men arn't yet in fourteen years of old ,and are living without setting a programme in their life !

It'sthe first time I see this "cartesien" little girl !

October 4, 2012
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i think this girl has gone out of her way to be careful for her friends. i hope these rules work.


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