Friday, October 12, 2012
5 Independent perspectives from the VP debate


Depending on whom you ask won the debate, the answer will vary depending on personal politics. Democrats applauded Vice President Joe Biden's aggressive offense and Republicans commended Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan for standing his ground and maintaining his composure.


But what about moderate voters who straddle party lines? Here are five views from Independent voters:


'My decision needs to come from the top'
First-time voter Marcus Harun, 20, is still undecided after the vice presidential debate. The Independent said that Biden and Ryan made him confident that either "could handle being the vice president," but neither candidate swayed his vote. "My decision needs to come from the top of the ticket, from the president." Harun is giving himself until the last presidential debate to decide for whom he should vote.


'I doubt the debate swayed' voters
Moderate Independent Mark Ivy of Farmersburg, Indiana, says the VP debate was a "technical draw" with Biden winning on substance and Ryan winning on “style and demeanor." As for how much this debate mattered, he said, “I doubt the VP debate swayed many Independents and undecided voters one way or the other." A few months ago, Ivy decided he would vote for Romney because of the candidate's stance on the Affordable Care Act, but he remains “open-minded just in case.”


'I got a better sense of the core differences'
Left-leaning Independent Matt Sky says the audience saw a more "interesting, substantive and dynamic" debate and appreciates how Biden and Ryan both delved into specifics. He got a "better sense of the core differences between the two tickets," especially when it came to where the campaigns stand on the budget, he said. Sky is still leaning toward voting for Obama.


'Where has the respect gone?'
Conservative-leaning Independent (and former Obama voter) Jason Asselin was disappointed in Biden's lack of respect in the vice presidential debate. "For every serious answer Ryan tried to give came a smile, snicker or laugh from Joe," he said. "I call this total disrespect." As for who won, Asselin feels Ryan "pulled it off. He showed respect, he kept his cool. The vice president did not."


'You know a Republican's back is against the wall when ...'
Hearing Biden exclaim, "What? Now you're Jack Kennedy?" was David P. Kronmiller's favorite part of the night. "You know a Republican's back is against the wall when they use JFK to defend a position -- especially a Republican of Paul Ryan's Tea Party roots." In all seriousness, the Independent Obama supporter gives the debate win to Biden. Ryan was too "vague" on foreign policy, especially in his "horrible answer on Afghanistan," he said.


Wherever you stand on who won the vice presidential debate, the feisty evening set the stage for an Obama/Romney rematch in Tuesday's debate.


CNN's Candy Crowley will be the moderator. What would you like to ask her about the debate experience? Share your questions for this special edition of the iReport Interview.

October 12, 2012
Click to view k3vsDad's profile

Good I'm a little biased...LOL. You are so right depending on political slant does affect how one perceived the winner or loser last night or if one heard a tie in the making.


Thanks for the article, Christina. Good job.

October 12, 2012
Click to view jwwiddowson's profile

Jason Asselin, says he was disappointed in Biden's lack of respect.  Well, frankly what is coming out of Paul Ryans, mouth and the tax plan put forward by Mitt Romney is "laughable!" Its complete nonsense! How about some honest discussion, some lets get the facts out, the details.  Paul Ryan did nothing but dance around the fact and detail of their magical tax plan.  Regarding Syria, what more would they do, tell us, other than putting soldiers in harms way, be honest about the fact while in office a Mitt/Paul white house would move toward removing abortion rights for women!  So lets talk about a different type of disrespect.  Disrespect of the trust, living and going on each day of this election telling people what they want to hear but without substance.  Making false promises with fantastical policies.  VP Biden was who he is, real, and from the heart!  During closing statements, listening to Paul Ryan...he is just fake...and sounds like a robot!

October 12, 2012
Click to view jwwiddowson's profile

I'm not concern with who won.  Each American need only ask one thing, is this real, does it make since, will this help me and my family.  This isn't a boxing match for me.  Everyone so focused on who won or lost the debate. 


Second, why isn't anyone ask about Congress in these debates.  I am talking about direct questions, about what I perceive as the most useless Congress in history.  Democrats and Republicans.  The state of this Union is beyond one President, and one VP.  Does everyone really think over the next four year, if Mitt was in office.  Congress will make sense, will work better, will proceed like the weeks, months before meant nothing.  In Congress its no longer about this nation, its about personal power, party alignments, and re-elections.  Its ridiculous. 


October 12, 2012
Click to view ababaa1234's profile

Biden was and is a blowhard bully.  His hot tempered irrationality was more frightening than amusing.  I don't want such a guy close to any launch codes.

October 12, 2012
Click to view scmaize's profile

Biden's manner was irritating, but, if you judge the debate on facts alone, he won by a mile.  Every time Ryan was untruthful, or avoided answering a question, Biden interrupted him.  Ryan could have stopped the interruptions by telling the truth, but he was either unable to, or chose not to do so.  Look at the whoppers he told about closing tax loopholes for the rich, while decreasing their tax rate.  He couldn't divulge a single loophole, 3 weeks before the election! And his "bipartisan" plan for Medicare, which is not supported by a single Democrat in Congress!  Yes, Joe could have been more polite, but it's hard to keep being polite to someone who's scamming the voters.

October 12, 2012
Click to view marcimayerso's profile

With Romney and Ryan in charge, abortion for anything other than rape and incest will become murder in conservative states.  If you as mother or father or sister or friend or doctor aid in any way, you will become an accessory to murder.  Conservatives have no intention of stopping  there: legislation is being prepared that stipulates that out of state abortions will also be subject to the charge of murder; to wit, the woman will never be able to set foot in the state again. 

October 13, 2012
Click to view mspatriotbx's profile

I thought Biden seemed to be on the defensive for most of the night. He came across as very arrogant. I think Biden should have more respect when he is conversing with his competitor, instead he turned me away. The more i see the less i like. 

October 13, 2012
Click to view Rondoe's profile

I'm an Independant/swing voter.  Joe Biden may have over did it with the smiles and laughing at Paul Ryan, but he didn't seem to have much choice to express himself with Ryan consistently attempting to exceed his speaking time to answer questions.  So, Biden had to resort to immediately call Ryan on much of what he was saying that according to the fact checkers was less than accurate.  Biden also forced Ryan to show that the Romney/Ryan ticket in fact has "NO" detailed plan as they claim, with the best Ryan could do was provide a vague 4 point plan.  Biden also made a very good point that if Republican obstruction for concessions for the wealthy would get out of the way much more could have been done to benefit those that have been hurt the worse by the economic collapse, and Biden named the bills and tax cuts the GOP has stalled until they get concessions for the wealthy that we all have already provided bailouts to... bailouts, that actually originated with the former Republican administration, and Obama allowed under the advice from financial advisor, Bernanke, a hold-over from that administration.  I favor not making a Presidential change at this time because the Romney/Ryan ticket is too vague and offers nothing that much better than the present Democrat administration is providing, plus 4 years is to short of time to turn around an economic collapse of the extreme the US has suffered even without the obstructionism going on between both political parties.  The solution is simple!  Both political parties need to start doing what will provide immediate relief to those that have been hurt the worse by America's economic collapse, and stop worrying about the very wealthy and the big corporate enterprises who have remained virtually untouched by the downturn.

October 13, 2012
Click to view Logan248's profile

Biden is an imbecile!!!

October 13, 2012
Click to view boughtnpaid4's profile

I have been a Joe Biden fan since the 1970s.  This debate exemplifies why.    Ryan was wooden and never left his talking points.  And how long did Ryan practice that pathetic look.  He truly looked like he was being schooled by a tutor trying to wake his student up to the realities of life.  Joe came off as a real human being.  Ryan was automated.  You choose.

October 13, 2012
Click to view DemFLA's profile

Morals, Morals, Morals.....keep preaching them, you'll surly break them at some point. This isn't about being polite, it's about what you know. Should we vote for a president that has to say "excuse me" or "oops, I interrupted you"..pleaseeeeeeeeee. If you think Biden was rude, good. OBAMA 2012

October 13, 2012
Click to view Blah0Blah's profile

Google this story online and you see why we don't need liberalism and Obama. Maybe you can learn something from a man that understand what socialism really is.


"Hungarian-born billionaire makes anti-socialism case in TV ad"


October 13, 2012
Click to view neothinker59's profile

Look we don't need more illusions by either party. And all this talk about Ryan and his

problem with Ayn Rand.

I will expand your knowledge and mind by asking one simple question.

But before I do I want to remind you that you stated that "both parties have "spoken"

strongly about the National debt. BUT HAVE NO PLANNED DESIGN TO DO SO!

"THE RED HEAD Question?

What do you get when you elect a red head for US President? 

Answer "RICH"  Taxes get cut 50%.  Vote For Jill Reed, the red-header tax cutter for

President USA."


And to me she is the Golden Voice of Reason!!



October 13, 2012
Click to view Perok's profile

When Romney was bullying the moderator and interrupting every comment, the GOP claimed "that showed he was in charge"...   When Biden was blunt and direct, he was "disrespectful".


That is how you can tell "who lost" the debate.  Whichever side is crying the most.


Biden is an excellent debater, while Romney, Obama and Ryan are really only good at memorizing, scripted, generic answers.

October 14, 2012
Click to view siavash1958's profile

so is it okay to lie on public TV but being polite,  right ? (That is what exactly Ryan did in the debate).

October 14, 2012
Click to view RCP1944's profile

Biden won the debtae on substance. Ryan could not back up anything he asserted. His response was, this a blue print, we will work out the details. This is called selling snake oil.

October 14, 2012
Click to view RCP1944's profile

I would like ask Mitt why he hides (keeps) his money Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and other low tax countries? Will he teach us how to do it so that we all pay 13% or no taxes?

October 14, 2012
Click to view herriott's profile

Yep, Biden is definitely aggressive, but he knows his stuff. Ryan on the other hand, should have rehearsed a little better before coming to the debate, IT IS A DEBATE, so you are supposed to be aggressive, and at least articulate well. Ryan only danced around certain issues, I wonder if some of this stuff is staged, it is crazy how people act like this. I 'm thinking not to take this stuff too seriously, it is politics. They all probably went out for a game of golf afterwards. LOL!

October 14, 2012
Click to view Zanev's profile

The 5-7% of undecided voters were watching the yankee game.

October 14, 2012
Click to view seb27's profile

I also am an Independent. I have never read as many ignorant posts as there are on this makes me ashamed to realize how many people listen to the media to form an opinion .instead of doing their own investigation on issues. Biden lied just as much as Ryan ! The Libyan embassy cover-up should be enough to put Obama and his Administration out of office.Lying to the American people just to  keep your slate clean from terrorist attacks is tragic! Obama will bury anything and anyone to get a second term. Look what he said to the Russian's when he thought the mike was turned off! Vote the f------ idiot OUT!

October 14, 2012
Click to view smalltownmd's profile

In the end, I think one of the most important thing from this debate is the insistence that he (and by implication the president) did not know what truly happened in Libya for days.  Either he is lying or they truly were ignorant of the events.  I am troubled by the response to what happened either way.  What is being said, under oath, so far indicates that it was known quickly that there was no demonstration around the consulate and that there had been requests for more security in the weeks leading up to the attack.  I find it hard to believe that they were not briefed on these issues, especially in the days following the attack an murder of an ambassador.  The attack of countries embassy or consulate is generally considered to be an attack on the sovereign territory of that country and the leaders of that country would be demanding to be briefed on anything that was known about how and why it happened.  I am appalled at how the news media and the administration has handled this tragedy.

October 14, 2012
Click to view k3vsDad's profile

The Libya question could very will be the torpedo that sinks the Obama Administration. Time for ALL the facts to come out and no more trying to skate the issue or deflect the cause.

October 14, 2012
Click to view Claghorn's profile

Your choice in this and every election in America is between a republican who will say what he thinks his "base" wants to hear, but spend all his time selling out America to the special interests who support him and a democrat who will say what he thinks his "base" wants to hear, but spend all his time selling out America to the special interests who support him. The only way to make an "informed choice" is to try and pick the one who will do the worst job at attempting to sell out America.

October 15, 2012
Click to view justice97's profile

Romney and Paul budget does not add up because joe Biden has said that they take away your health care and social security if you are senior of 55 years old like my grand parent and also the 47% percentage video give detail that Romney does not care about you . Joe Biden and Obama cares for you the american people also he need your vote esp Ohio, Va, Colorado,florida also Romney want to give a big tax cut to company like westgate resorts and koch industries where they are layoffs their worker because they want people to vote for Romney not Obama also they hate President Obama. Obama is middle class family while Romney is a rich and wealth guy where he like to fired his worker in Bain capital also the Stl industries where he lobby the money and in FreePort Illinois the china business firms took over the company which was signed by Gov Romney. Obama is fight for everyone in american

October 15, 2012
Click to view Gordie54321's profile

Joe Biden exclaiming to Paul Ryan, "What? Now you're Jack Kennedy?" is an excellent example of how the Vice President was not listening -- or at least hearing -- what the Congressman had to say.  Apparently Biden intended only to mock and laugh in derision all night long.  Ryan was responding to Biden's claim that "It has never been tried".  IF Biden had cared to be at least marginally respectful and honest, he would have realized Ryan was telling him that it had been tried by both JFK and Reagan.  Don't you hate when you are trying to tell someone something they don't believe and they cut you off with a mocking joke? 


Independent/Undecided voters who were actually listening to Ryan must have felt that way.  I know one who found Biden to be so unbearable that he flipped off the debate.  Which makes me wonder if, on November 6th, he won't flip the Biden lever in the voting booth.


One thing Biden did for me in his debate which Obama did not in his was make me eager to go vote against him.  I do not like scornful bullies.

October 15, 2012
Click to view fjxz1984's profile


October 16, 2012
Click to view Operafamily's profile

How can Obama say he is increasing Coal production when I live in a coal state and so many jobs are being cut so that the local and eventually National economy is dying?  Romy speaks the truth... coal is here,right under out feet! coal is ours... we can mine/produce it... is is/can be cleaner... and it DOES provide jobs... Obama is killing the mines... put the men/families back to work!


October 16, 2012
Click to view santir's profile

Today I went to vote early I find out the may name had been removed and I can not vote .

That said I have to register again but I can not vote in tel next time watt is in 4 years . I was not happy and I don't understand .

I have voted in 2008 and now I don't even exist . This is on ether way of taking my vote away from me something has to be don I'm not happy at all .

And this is America there you have it .

They said I did not responded to there mail so they removed my name

I was at The Board of Elections 200 Varick. From 8am and I was there from 2:30 tel 4:30pm there was no help at all Somthing going on

We need the world to know about this thank u

Thank for the support I can understan if I was in 3 world country but I'm not I'm in Amirican

If some one went to take your vote they will do watt aver

I went back again and asked for my registration back in 2008. They gave me the copy with my signature on it and I'm registered as Democrat. And still they insist that I do not have any history of voting in 2008.

from new york .

October 17, 2012
Click to view KAPRK's profile

It is shame that CNN can not find equal Democrats and Republicans and WOLF, ANDERSON and SITUATION ROOM always skews poles in favor of REPUBLiCANS.

It is shame and it is sham.

October 25, 2012

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