Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Top 11 iReport images from Sandy

Superstorm Sandy devastated parts of the East Coast over the past several days. And as they weathered the storm, iReporters captured thousands of amazing images and shared them with the world. Here are 11 photos and videos that told the story of Sandy like nothing else could.


1. Flooded taxis


The photo of the flooded taxis above could only happen in the New York area. Jonathan Otto captured it and other images in Hoboken, New Jersey, which he says turned into "one big pond" during the storm.


2. Dramatic winds in Jersey City


Water whips through the air and trees become horizontal in this dramatic video from Jersey City, New Jersey. "It was hard to stand up and felt like a freight train was going through the area," said George Nikolis. "At one point the Hudson [River] started coming through our building lobby."


3. Power: Brooklyn vs. Manhattan


As of October 30, much of Brooklyn had electricity, while much of lower Manhattan didn't. This photo of the Williamsburg Bridge by Jordan Shapiro illustrates the situation like nothing else.


4. Subway under water


This Brooklyn subway station looked more like a canal on Monday night. Maggie Huang, who rides the train from this station to work every day, said the water was only a foot from the platform. Luckily, by the next day, the water had drained and the tracks were clear.


5. Crashing Lake Michigan waves


Of course, Sandy didn't only affect the New York area. In this video, the storm churns up unbelievably huge waves in Lake Michigan near Chicago. "I don't believe Lake Michigan has been this violent" before, said Andy Bovos.


6. Flooding in Staten Island


Sandy hit Staten Island, New York, hard. Roshen Weliwatta documented the damage, from boats pushed ashore to cars flooded up to their windows.


7. LaGuardia closed for business


More than 19,000 flights were canceled because of Sandy. This footage from LaGuardia airport in New York, showing the flooded tarmac and runway, illustrates why. It was shot by an airport employee who wishes to remain anonymous.


8. Trees down in the Bronx


In addition to flooding, Sandy knocked down trees and left millions without electricity. In the Bronx, Damion Watkins filmed this video showing the enormous trees that were felled (and took power lines with them). Unbelievably, his power remained on.


9. Building facade collapses


As Sandy passed through New York, it caused all kinds of damage, including ripping the facade clean off a building in Chelsea. Firefighters come to the rescue in this video by Sarkis Alex Kalashian.


10. Huddling around outlets


Electricity has been a scarce resource in New York since the storm hit on Monday. 6.2 million people are still without power, and many won't get it back until next week. In this photo by Marjorie Zien, students at the New School gather in the one building with power.


11. Rocking the boat


Sandy transformed a relaxing cruise into a torrential night on October 26 as the ship and its passengers endured rough waters near Miami, Florida. David Evans shared this video of flooded decks, doors slamming open and shut, and a destroyed gift shop onboard the ship. It's since become the most viewed iReport of all time.


See a map and timeline of all the best Sandy iReports at our Open Story. Are you experiencing the effects of superstorm Sandy? Share your stories, photos and video with CNN iReport. Please make personal safety your first priority.

October 31, 2012
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Amazing images and videos. My thoughts, prayers and well wishes go out to all who have been affected by this devastating super storm.

October 31, 2012
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Great compilation. Crazy stuff.

October 31, 2012
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Good thing Rmoney's not in there.

He would have outsourced FEMA.

November 2, 2012
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Dear ING and Mayor Bloomberg,


I cant believe that in the wake of Sandy that you are conducting a marathon.  There is utter devastation here.  Your runners are displacing homeless people from hotels.  The food, water, police and resources are needed to relieve the misery, loss and death plaguing us.  And the BEST you can do is run a sports event.  Take the money and donate it or better yet get out there and help people.  They need help.  They need food.  They need water.  They need shelter.  They need warmth.  They DON'T need a marathon.  Your CEO, Chairman and Board are way out of touch and quite frankly NUTS.


A Bewildered NYer

November 2, 2012
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CNN needs to change how they interact with the public they report on. They need to have some common sense when reporting in an area where people dont have the means to see their broadcasts if any.


THIS IS My open letter to CNN and Anderson Cooper now that I have the power to voice my opinion on line:


Anderson - I am one of the people who live by the apt whose facade was torn away - I had no power, no Internet, no wifi - really no options of getting  information the other day & night as you stood doing the news for CNN all day in front of the facade.

I asked several CNN people at the CNN truck that day if they could tell me anything - they all ignored me as they walked into their truck with power and ten tv screens - talk about arrogance. Only a man in charge of the cables was kind enough to tell me the news.


You stood there most of the time standing and reporting, getting warm in your car, speaking very low with your mic never caring one bit about the people displaced around you who could not hear you who needed information badly as you posed in front of the one torn building for your yellow journalistic presentation


That building did not need your aid or information Anderson - although im sure it made you look good showing the one destroyed building in the  city behind you - we the people standing on the street with no power did. - we needed that information you were televising half way around the world and we had no way to view it - how ridiculous is that Anderson? You stood in our devastation untouched reporting on our demise and not informing us - the devastated - of crap!!


Do you even care - did you even care as you stood there do it? Did - does CNN even care - does anyone care that our journalists and news shows show up report modeling as it were in distressed areas and not bothering to at the very least inform the affected locals.


You are no role model of mine Sir! Mine is the security guard around the corner at Beth Israel who let us come in the lobby and charge with its backup generators and tell us information - and to show how injustice works that poor guard was suspended for doing a good deed - i thank the restaurants that fed people with what they had in the darkness - not the people and organizations like you and CNN that RAPED us as we suffered this past few days! In fact I will be shocked if CNN even bothers to run this opinion based on how they acted when they were in my neighborhood.


I just wanted you to know I am no longer a fan of yours Anderson Cooper,


November 2, 2012
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wow, these images are amazing! it saddens my heart that the storm caused such devastation. i hope to God that the people affected are able to put their lives back together again sooner.

November 3, 2012
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Olanart, you need to calm down at take some responsibility for yourself. CNN, a private news organization, has taken on the task of keeping millions informed every minute. They have an unbelievably tight schedule. They are there to report, not for charity. Images like the torn building facade show people how serious the damage is which helps organizations like the Red Cross get more help and donations. You have a radio and you have the option of seeking shelter.

November 4, 2012
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I agree with AndradaZB.  I am sorry for your loss and for the losses of thousands of others who have lost as much or more than you. However...Olanart what did you want Anderson Cooper or the CNN staff to do for you?Give you a private news report or a bottle of water?  The approach of the hurricane had been forecast for days with warnings from city officials,and yes even CNN, to prepare for strong winds, possible loss of power, etc.  Why is it Anderson's fault YOU didn't prepare for a means to obtain news in case of loss of power?  The "yellow journalistic" (per your comment) news reports from CNN prompted me to give money to the Red Cross to help hurricane victims.   Again my heart goes out to all affected by hurricane Sandy and I can only imagine the feelings of anger and sense of disempowerment this has caused.  But please direct your self-righteous indignation and anger in a more productive way.  Anderson and the CNN staff were doing their job.  An important job.  Keep up the good work CNN. 

November 5, 2012
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God help the people affected to be able to gain there feet back and move on

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