Wednesday, May 22, 2013
iReporters prove critical in CNN's tornado coverage

We would like to say a big thank you to all the iReporters who have been sharing their eyewitness accounts from Monday’s devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. CNN iReporters have been all over the air helping our network cover the story of the storm and its aftermath.


Jeff Lechus, who captured up-close video of the tornado, spoke by phone with CNN and HLN about his treacherous journey to get to his son’s school. Power lines were blocking the road as far as the eye could see, he said. He got to the school and found that the tornado had hit the gym, but no one was hurt. "Thirteen, 14-year-old girls came out holding hands, just bawling their eyes out."


Anderson Cooper talked on the scene with iReporter Swey Boyd, who works at a doctor's office and stayed in her Honda Accord during the storm. After surviving her first tornado, she headed home but then pulled over and tried to help residents in a neighborhood behind Interstate 35. "It was difficult to realize that there were some people you couldn't help, that you had to wait for professionals. And you just had to tell them, 'It's OK, there will be help on the way."

Stay-at-home mom Rebecca Vitsmun also appeared live from Moore, recounting her narrow escape with her 18-month-old son in her arms. It was pretty cute when the toddler gave Wolf Blitzer a high five. There was an awkward moment when Blitzer later asked if she thanked the Lord and she gracefully explained she was an atheist. The "atheist" moment sparked a lot of buzz online. (And it wasn’t the first time an atheist mom on iReport has sparked a big conversation!)


Nurse Rex Pace, an iReporter who hiked into Moore, Oklahoma and stayed to help try to find victims, spoke with CNN's Chris Cuomo about what he had seen. "I’ve seen a lot of blood and guts and gore in my job, but I’ve never seen any destruction to this degree. It was unreal," Pace told him.

In one of the most dramatic videos we've ever seen uploaded to iReport, Juan Olivo captured the moment rescuers heard the voice of a tornado victim trapped in the rubble. "I can't believe he survived," Olivo told Wolf Blitzer.

Thanks again to the iReporters who shared their stories with CNN. Please take note – getting footage should never come before your personal safety. We urge you to take precaution when documenting any severe weather.

May 22, 2013
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Excellent captures by members of our iReport community! Thoughts and prayers go out to all who suffered loss in Oklahoma and other areas affected.

May 22, 2013
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I hope everyone is safe and all those with deaths deserves a moment of silence.




                    P.S.:Dylan and isais are awesome

May 30, 2013
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How scary ... No one would not wish such grief. Take care of yourself.


No warning from the Nation Weather Service --- WHY ?


June 1, 2013
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My name is Chuck Mangino from Tullahoma  Tenn.  I am not a Storm Chaser  or  Have any real intrest in the weather in general.

No  I do not want any fame , money or glory .  I have a theory - solution to prevent a funnel colud from touching down and becoming a tornado.

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Since the spring of 1968 , I have thought about how to stop a tornado. It started in a science class in the 5 th grade, in 1968  when I was 10 years old. Our class that day was about tornado's and in 1968 was just starting to learn how they were forming . I asked a question at the start of the class , if they had ever stopped one before. Yes everyone laughed. At the end of the class an hour latter I said what if you straped oven eyes like on a stove along a side of a jet airliner. Yes more laughter.

In 1998  I was in a tornado in Alabama. The next day the question was more focused and intense in my mind. Every day I would ask my self , If you HAD to stop one how would you do it ?

In Dec. 2006  I had came up with an more advanced solution. An Airborne M.A.S.E.R . Think of the Magnotron in your microwave oven that heats your food. With that disrupting the patterns in the sky at two different altitudes with two different Airborne M.A.S.E.R.S. What patterns would be determined by a super computer that was ground based. The pattern would be disrupted starting 30.seconds before tornado touch down.

In the 27th April 2011 Phil Cambell Ala. tornado , I had 2 friends that were killed. After seeing the destruction on you-tube I started working on a video and a program titled STOPPING A TORNADO INITIATIVE  2012. That was the title of my You-Tube video and the S.T.E.M. program I would start.

  I have a second video I made , that is my solution on stopping a tornado on the ground.

After seeing the horror of the tornado's in the city of Moore and the state of Oklahoma.  I have been  been interviewed by the Tennessean  newspaper web site and also a local  talk show channel  6 T.V. station.  After over  2000 attempts by phone , sending D.V.D.'s , letters , and E-mails over the last year I am finally  getting a chance to explain my possible solution. Yes it is in the Future and I know what all that is invoved on a project of  this magnitude . But all I ask is that my solution is given some thought. That is all.

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This is my little glimmer of hope for the future.


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