Wednesday, December 04, 2013
Team iReport remembers Rick Huffman



It's with heavy hearts that we share the news that Rick Huffman, a CNN iReport Award recipient and longtime contributor, died on Sunday, in St. Joseph, Michigan. He was 64.


Many of you knew him as Logan248, the ex-military ex-law enforcement iReporter who wasn’t afraid to share his views on the issues of the day, and discussed everything under the sun with his friends in the iReport community.


Back in May, Huffman received an iReport Award for a video he filmed about a year ago, in response to the deadly shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. A longtime NRA member, he cut up his card on camera in tribute to those lost.


Huffman also actively posted commentary during the 2012 presidential campaign, taking part in that year’s iReport Debate.


Unfortunately, Huffman informed us in October that he had been diagnosed with brain cancer and didn’t have much longer to live. According to The Herald-Palladium, he passed away at home on December 1, with his wife by his side.


Team iReport extends our thoughts and condolences to Huffman’s friends and family, and to those of you who knew him in the iReport community. Thank you for all you contributed to iReport, Rick. You'll be greatly missed.

December 4, 2013
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So very sad, My Deepest Sympathies to his family.

December 4, 2013
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I knew it was close, but had not heard yet, Rick has passed on. My condolences to his family. He will be missed. He was an vital member of the iReport Community.

December 4, 2013
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Oh this breaks my heart.  Rick was so awesome.  We had just heard weeks ago about his health and now he's already gone.  My sincere condolences to his family.  Rest in Peace Rick.

December 4, 2013
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If anyone ever doubted that we here on ireports are a family, a dysfunctional family, but still a family...they have only to witness the sadness we feel at the passing of Rick.


So very sad. May he and his family find peace. :'(

December 4, 2013
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Brain Cancer is tragic. So very sad. :(

December 4, 2013
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He was a good one...He will be missed.

December 4, 2013
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RIP Rick. We'll miss you.

December 4, 2013
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Oh MY RIP Rick prayers for your family

December 4, 2013
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So sad, my thoughts are with his family and friends. I respected him so much for that video. It was sincere and it really made a statement about who he was as a man,a father and a Police Officer. RIP Rick.

December 4, 2013
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Sadness indeed, Our Ireporter family is falling. Rest In Peace!

December 5, 2013
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I knew him briefly. He welcomed me on ireport and always responded to my comments. I knew he was sick but did not think he would pass so soon. Have peace, Rick, thank you!

December 9, 2013
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Our thoughts and prayers for his family and friends.

December 9, 2013
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Very sad to hear...

December 11, 2013
Click to view JVHill's profile will be missed.

January 4, 2014
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Very sad news.  He will be missed.


January 9, 2014
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My prayers for the family members. Rest in Peace Rick, in my prayers...

January 9, 2014
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very unfortunate. condolences to the family members.

March 17, 2014
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I missed this news. My condolences to Rick's family.

November 11, 2015
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CNN tells us about the oldest veteran being 108 years old, with a standing ovation, but doesn't even show us !

November 11, 2015
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During the Presidential salute to our veterans on 11/11/15, I might add.

December 16, 2015
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awesome article

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