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    Posted July 7, 2013 by
    Sendai, Japan
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    2011 March 11th Tohoku 9.0 M Earthquake: Please Don't Forget.


    As I past the scenes of 2011 March 11th Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in the car, the pain and sorrow of the people in Tohoku sank deeply into my chest. Just by the sight of those rubbles, it was enough to recall back the atrocious catastrophe of 9.0 magnitude Earthquake that happened 2 years ago. My friend, who too was looking at the scene, sighted heavily,

    “Nothing has changed compared to what I saw when I visited Sendai last winter.”

    I went to Sendai as a volunteer to help out the people and the place. It was my first time to visit Sendai. For long time, I longed to visit Sendai as a volunteer because as a student leader at my school, I have been making connections with the people and the elementary school in Sendai through letters and by sending moneys. At last, this summer I was able to make a visit with my colleagues.

    On the first day we visited, we went straight to work by cleaning the rubbles and trash that were still sunk in the farm field. We dug the field with shovels and with hand, we searched for things like metals, glass, pipe etc. so that the farmers in the Sendai could farm again. When we finally finished cleaning up the fields, the owner of the field - Mr. Sasaki, burst into tears and melted our fatigue with a wide, hopeful smile.

    When Tsunami hit Mr. Sasaki’s town, Mr. Sasaki lost his father. After the Tsunami, as Mr. Sasaki searched for his father’s body, he spotted 36 human heads (no bodies. just heads) lying on the ground. The sight was appalling and it took him almost two years to recover from the shock of the scene and shock of losing his precious family member. Though we were able to do very little, he gave us so much with his priceless smile.

    Nonetheless, even with 27 people we only managed to clean up half of the rice field in one day.

    Just by looking at the place, it was clear that more help was necessary in Sendai.

    People tend to forget about catastrophes as time passes. Even if the event was huge, the memory of the incident gradually slips past from people...That is a natural phenomena.

    Still, as a volunteer I wish people do not forget this 2011 March 11th Tohoku 9.0 M Earthquake because I feel like many people just stopped recalling back of this event.

    Please don’t forget....

    of the still streaming tears and grief of people in Tohoku.

    of the horror of 11 March 2011 Tohoku 9.0 magnitude Earthquake and Tsunami, the world witnessed.


    Pray for those who lost their family.

    Pray for those who lost their home.

    Pray for those who lost their lives.

    Pray for those who still cry.

    Pray for those who lost their hope.


    Pray for Japan.

    and finally...


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