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    Posted July 7, 2013 by

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    Water War

    Friday, end of the week, mid-day, sun is high up in the sky, very hot weather, and what can be better than a cool splash from a bucket of a stranger…

    This was one of the most joyful events of the year in Israel; thousands of people got together last Friday July 5th for one sole purpose… get wet and get everyone else wet as well!

    What can I say about this happening, Tel-Aviv is known for all sorts of odd and yet happy, young and fun events, it just seems as the city hall in this interesting city loves their young communities much more than other cities in Israel.

    I was shocked to see so many people smiling, laughing, hugging, loving and enjoying at one place and at the same precise moment… it was truly wonderful to see massive attack of happiness.

    People came together from all parts of the country, from many different cultures, and from very different ethnic groups that in normal days don’t really like each other, yet, here they were, together, wet, smiling and hugging each other.

    As it is well known, in Israel such groups as Ethiopians are not very likable, especially among the European type Israelis, Russian speaking community also have always been a sort of minority in the country, and considered as the ones who brought the bad habits of drinking to Israel, doesn’t matter that within nearly 8 million israeli population nearly 1.7 million are Russian speakers… yet, not very likable as well.

    But, on July 5th, last Friday, we all put our differences aside and came together at that symbolic location, the Rabin Square in front of the Tel-Aviv City Hall to celebrate the happy mood of summer and share joy of being young and fun, disregarding the actual age, from little children to old people, all came ready for fun with their own buckets from home.

    I asked one of the participants when did this fun tradition started? And to my surprise, got an answer of “Man, I don’t know, I come here 4th year now… when did it started? Who cares?! Just come and have fun!”

    So I guess he is right… what difference does it make when and how it got started, it exists, and the most important part of it, is to participate and have fun!
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