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    Richard Dawkins Promotes Intelligent Design Movie to 751K Twitter Followers

    Richard Dawkins, the prominent atheist and proponent of Darwinian evolution sent his followers a tweet that contained a live link to the promo of Ray Comfort’s new movie “Evolution vs. God.”[1]

    Comfort, a best-selling author and TV co-host, produced the upcoming movie--which he claims will debunk Darwinian evolution. One reviewer remarked: “Wow!!! I got goose bumps watching. Dawkins will have a cow.” Belief Net’s Jim Fletcher called it “Sensational!” Another reviewer said, “Absolutely devastating! If it were a boxing match, the referee would have stopped the interviews with all of those people, including the professors.” Comfort’s previous movie www.180Movie.com received over 4 million YouTube views.

    A war has been going on between the film-maker and Dawkins for years, sparked by Richard Dawkins calling Comfort “an idiot” on a CNN interview back in 2009.[2]

    Comfort had published a special edition of Origin of Species with a 52-page Foreword espousing Intelligent Design, and gifted 200,000 copies to 100 U.S. universities. This clearly angered the professor, who encouraged university students to tear out the Foreword.[3] When challenged to a debate by Comfort, Dawkins said he would only debate him if Comfort gave $100,000 to his Foundation.[4]

    Also in 2009, Comfort’s book, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence but You Can’t Make Him Think, knocked Dawkin’s God Delusion off a top spot on Amazon in 2009. Comfort said, “That infuriated atheists, and about 200 of them flooded Amazon and gave it a 1-2 star rating and pulled it down.[5] Around that time the professor mocked me a number of times on TV interviews.”[6]

    Dawkins chimed in when a Twitter war broke out after high-profile atheist and scientist PZ Myers called Comfort a liar. Professor Myers, who appears in the movie, said: “Lie harder, little man: Ray Comfort is pushing his new creationist movie with a lie.”[7]

    Next came another fast and furious three tweets from Myers.[8] In jumps Dawkins with his question about having a cow. Comfort tweeted back: “Prof. Dawkins. Don’t know the meaning ‘have a cow’? – from childbirth. You are going to need anesthesia for pain Aug 7th evolutionVsGod.com.”

    Comfort added, “In the CNN interview he said: ‘There is no refutation of Darwinian evolution in existence. If a refutation ever were to come about, it would come from a serious scientist, and not an idiot.’[9] Well, this idiot took a camera to USC and UCLA and we now have four very serious scientists on-camera, who, when their feet were held to the fire, couldn’t provide a lick of scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution.

    “The professor has been spouting his anti-God blasphemy to our university students for too long. He is a goliath in the scientific world, but we have a smooth stone called ‘Evolution vs. God’ that is going to leave a deep and painful impression on his godless mind, and take him down. Prepare to have your faith shaken professor.”

    The promo can be seen on www.evolutionVsGod.com Downloads will be available after July 9th, and it will be released on DVD and YouTube August 7th. Comfort will fly out from California to be at the World Premiere Sevierville, TN July 22 where it will be hosted by Answers in Genesis at their Mega conference. Details: Answers Mega Conference.


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