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    Who will be Europe's Doorman of Doormen to Africa NOW?


    One of Gaddafi's worst legacies was using human shields, as any frustrated Reaganite or NATO bomber can tell you.  But what often sneaks by is Gaddafi's even worse legacy of using humans as bullets.


    He would use Africans as bullets that he would fire at Europe upon command.  If Europe made him mad, he would simply open the Gates.  If Europe made Gaddafi happy, perhaps if Berlusconi kissed his pinky ring, he would close the Gates ever so slightly as to keep Europe momentarily satiated, yet still on his leash.


    He opened the Gates to each and every African, even flying and trucking in those who did not make the trip, country by country, on foot.


    The Gates are a proper noun for Libya is the Gateway to Europe, Africa, and Asia.

    He invited and implored Africans to squat in Libyan streets, abandoned buildings, and anywhere else they could literally cram themselves.


    He used them against his own people in the worst of ways, creating tensions that today have caused great anguish to entire cities of black Libyans who were born in Libya.


    He used them to suppress his own people, not just as mercenaries during the Libyan Revolution but also as an omnipresent force that he could control, breeding a feeling among many that Libya did not belong to Libyans; it belonged to Gaddafi.


    Most of us cannot imagine the unimaginable journey that is smuggling yourself into Europe.

    It can take years of walking country to country, working in each as you make your way north towards Libya and then somehow find your way by sea to Lampadeusa, Italy or Malta.


    Two nights ago in a Benghazi restaurant on Dubai Street, I met Maxell, a Cameroonian.


    I am known for chatting with the "help".  It goes without saying that most of the African, Bangladeshi, and Egyptian workers speak far more English than most Libyans.  Gaddafi is also responsible for that, but an ireport can only be so long.


    Maxwell, whose African name is Kwako Anim, speaks at least 3 languages easily, yet admitted that like many Southern African and Bangladeshis here in Libya, he is lost when it comes to Arabic.  Many a Bangladeshi worker may even have the entire Koran, in Arabic of course, memorized, yet cannot speak Arabic conversationally.


    The Bangladeshis are here to stay.  Most came from Gulf countries who have been forced to give them the boot after Libya actually started inching towards its OPEC potential, hurting their own Petrodollar piggybanks.


    The mass exodus of Bangladeshi workers from Arab Gulf countries into Libya is as clear as a money trail, and to the wise, it cannot be ignored for the Gulf states will not let Libya's pipelines flow free without a fight to maintain at least a semblance of their own status quo.


    As for the millions of Africans creeping their way north, Malta has now resorted to reusing the already spent human cartridges as they are now threatening to ship the destitute wanders right back to Libya.  As reported today by Mohamed Najah of Libya Herald, Malta is at its breaking point in regards to the wave of migrants since the fall of the Doorman of Doormen in 2011, and Italy is not far behind.


    Maxwell has a message for Maadede, his sister in America:  He wants you to call him.  He just had a baby boy and is going a little more money to smuggle one more little head to Malta, Italy, or the rest of Europe.  Maxwell, or Kwako, has a new cell phone number   He was robbed at least twice while in route north from home, losing both your number and his own. But he is on his way.



    Author’s note:  The swastika blazoned across Gaddafi’s caricature reflects the nearly unanimous belief among Libyans that the former dictator was in some odd way connected to weird “Kabbalah” networks that sought to kill Libyans as much as Jews.   I myself walked the grounds of Gaddafi’s former villa complex in Albayda, Libya where various oddball occult books, in Arabic, English, and Hebrew, were found and reported on by Al Jazeera.


    The main villa was built right on top of former Punic pagan ruins with many excavated and accessible via the villa.  It was an odd tour to say the least.  Many Libyans are still perplexed by the former dictator’s lifelong embodiment of anti-Israel sentiments, only to have the closest of connections in the end to the likes of Bernard Lewis, the Rothschild banking family via Saif Gaddafi, and even Saif’s Israeli soap opera girlfriend, who to this day is pleading for his safe return, albeit on the same plane to the same destination requested by Bernard Lewis as he left Libya: Tel Aviv.



    In short, the Nazi logo does not represent or reflect a propagation of any Nazi beliefs among Libyans, period.  It can be considered an insult to Gaddafi in the crudest of ways; that Gaddafi was Nazi.


    I cannot be clear enough about the context of the photo.


    Omar al Moktar Street

    Benghazi, Libya

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