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    Thailand’s Leading University Oblivious to Nazi Germany


    Holocaust Documentary Report (very graphic):



    For many, Adolf Hitler could be considered the reincarnation of evil itself. However, the complete opposite could be said about this particular newly grad, and perhaps many more, from Chulalongkorn University – one of Thailand’s elite and best-known higher education institutions. Her “Sieg Heil” pose, for most in the international community, would be considered insensitive and offensive to those who lost their families and loved ones to the unthinkable horrors of the Holocaust. Interestingly, and to the dismay of many, the student posing for the photo most likely has no knowledge of the heinous crimes Nazi Germany committed against humanity.


    Probably the most important question that one could ask is why. Why was this allowed to happen – especially at Thailand’s Ivy League university that is supposed to provide one of the best education in Thailand? Certainly the more well-educated professors who teach these students must have come across this mural? Certainly those Ph.D academics know who Hilter was and what he did? As it turns out, according the outrage reported by the Wiesenthal Center’s website, the drawing was left there for days nearby the University's Faculty of History building! No such attempt was made to take down or erase the former dictator’s portrait.



    What is more disturbing is reading the Facebook comments written by Thais who do not and will not understand why this is such a big deal. Many deem the outrage as an “overreaction” about something that shouldn’t be considered so serious. After all, Hitler died a long time ago, they wrote. Some would explain that it is a difference between cultures. The “Farangs” (foreigners), as they put it, are getting overexcited about nothing. Fortunately, all is not lost. As there are also quite a few comments condemning the act and scorning those who see Nazi Germany and the Swastika as fashionable or cool.

    Hopefully, a sincere apology would be made and lessons would be learned from this appalling act of ignorance. If Thailand ever wishes to be taken seriously in the international community, it must first learn to properly educate its people.


    [Student seen posing the "Sieg Heil" in front of Adolf Hilter]


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