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    Posted July 16, 2013 by
    Cordoba, Mexico
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    Legalize ALL DRUGS

    We must think together because what we are doing now does not work you and I can agree on that of that I am 100% sure.

    Guiding principles that some follow just a place to start

    1. Government should have nothing to do with what you put in your body or should they?
    2. “Ending alcohol prohibition dealt a severe blow to, but did not eliminate organized crime. (False: ”Today zetas….. multibillion dollar Multinational alcohol for consumption… prove that quite wrong.)
    3. People will not be getting into dangerous situations to buy drugs when they can go and buy them at the local liquor outlet or a bikers bar…. Or Why not buy liquor at the new duty free “FLY HIGH R US” shops in the airport? Because the cycle of ever more exciting stimulus is human and ever more demanding as airlines are now providing external seating for the thrill seekers.
    4. Your body belongs to you not them. As long as you don't hurt someone else and you don’t ask for consumer safety regulations to apply. Individual Addiction is between the individual and the heath care system, right?
    5. It can all end tomorrow with the removal of prohibition. Which is why I propose Proposition “NEW America”

    Legalize ALL DRUGS and OPEN the world market.
    But, Just to keep it fair lets put a little international competition in place.
    Made IN USA drugs, grown IN the USA using GMO Marijuana thus much better and much cheaper and should be sold in “High-Mart” around the world, by force when necessary.
    The UN will come to the obvious conclusion "Prohibition has failed and the drug cartels are unstoppable." and eventually our Super power US Agriculture will dominate... "Whereby corporations conducting such operations will be forced to follow some kind of moral and ethical framework (as are the pharmaceutical, alcohol and big tobacco companies today).You don't see tobacco, etc being sold by force using AK47s and the same will apply to legalized drugs.
    That is an Idea worth investing in and I am proposing national shares for every American.

    Some say that this is fundamentally wrong because

    1. Most people soaking the system for addiction treatment are unemployed and have no self pay. They are unemployable because of their self induced medical condition which leads to all kinds of other collateral medical, legal, social problems the system has to pay, but with Obama care everyone is covered so no problem.
    2. Zetas start to run their business legally, IE the rehabilitation of thousands of criminals into running a profitable, and more importantly, legal business will hurt the funeral home industry because they will still be interested in cutting people’s heads off and running slavery but not so much, when they can get rich legally costing jobs.
    3. Yes there are probably a lot of members of these cartels that are psychopaths, yet they will not have interest in perpetrating crime any longer as it will hurt the "company" - remember they are legal now and doing illegal things will not help the company in any way thus they will only do illegal things in their spare time- in fact you will find that the former "cartels come companies" will probably weed out the more "problematic" elements of the organization themselves heads will roll, but not as much.

    4. Profit from just one year of massive national drug growth would pay our national debt and make all Americans right as rain, as Cartels would go broke and with no money they would become as gentle as sheep and they will join the large percent of our nation's population who are hard working, tax paying, otherwise law abiding citizens still enjoy the recreational use of pot? Organized crime in general will not have the resources to conduct the evil things that they currently do, they will not have the resources to be a dominant force in the Kabuki theater, any longer - yes crime will still exist, but not at any level close to that of what is happening now. It will ALL be Nationally Regulated Associations.

    5. Prisons would close saving billions: Marijuana prohibition just makes no sense unless your career or profits depend on it and if it does we have NEW employment just for you at the treatment/ phone centers and sales.

    Treatment centers relying on Medicaid aren't helping people get better...most people end up back on the streets or in jail because the Medicaid funded centers don’t provide quality help...re-direct the billions spent on the war of drugs to help people...being homeless or incarcerated is not the answer and we can afford to put every homeless person in a home now that we have our NEW SOLUTION.

    I hope to create some reality in this discussion before simplicity causes the law of unintended consequences to humble us.
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