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    Posted July 19, 2013 by

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    freedom for iran--Confirmed the death of four Arab citizens Shadegan

    Confirmed the death of four Arab citizens Shadegan

    Four political prisoners in Ahwaz city of Iran has been sentenced to death by the Iranian regime!

    Sentence of four Arab citizens of the city of Ahvaz Revolutionary Court sentenced Shadegan already been confirmed by the Supreme Court.

    Four of the Arab population of the city Shadegan dated 14 Shahrivar month sentence in 1391 by the Revolutionary Court in Ahvaz convicted.

    Judicial authorities on Saturday, Persian date Tir 22 months of this year, the Supreme Court confirmed the death sentences of convicts and their families have been notified.

    According to the report, Abdul Amir Khanafereh, Ghazi Abbas, Abbas Amir Shahab Mjdmy and charged with waging war against God and corruption on earth were sentenced to death.

    These specifications are as follows:

    1 - Ghazi Abbas, son of Ahmed, born 1361, married, no criminal record, sentenced to death

    2 - Khanafereh Abdul Amir, son of Jonah, born 1366, married, no criminal record, sentenced to death

    3 - Jassim front cover, Said son, born 1364, married, no criminal record, sentenced to death

    4 - Abdul Ameer Mjdmy, son H., born 1359, married, no criminal record, sentenced to death

    Separate sentences for the other three defendants in the case were sentenced to three years in prison, in exile in the city of Ardabil.

    1 - Conductor Albvkhnfrnzhad, Bdalkhzr son, born 1360, married, no criminal record

    2 - Sammy Jdmavynzhad, dear child, born in 1360, unmarried, have no criminal record

    3 - Shahab Abbas, son of Ahmed, born 1365, married, no criminal record

    A source who requested anonymity told Human Rights Rapporteur in this regard: "It is ordered that the orders for coerced confessions from the accused, tortured and even their families for long periods of time. Yuness Amir Khanafereh father Abdorreza Amir Khanafereh The case sentenced to six months in detention ministry and was tortured in front of her son. forty days before he was due to pressures stemming from the detention and tortures her son died., he retired teachers in the city Shadegan "he said.

    In the same regard, Mr. Abdul Salam Saki, one of the lawyers said in a statement: "All allegations of wrong-appointed legal documents are not in charge."

    He said: "The charges and the sentence was based on false confessions and is not legal."

    He also said: "If the court, defense counsel did not care; sentence based on reports from the Intelligence Bureau issued."

    Also, the names of the four people inside Karoon Prison for Human Rights called for international intervention to nullify been executed.

    Sentenced to death on the part of the letter reads:

    were sentenced to death. Although 6 of our lawyers in the trial, but none of them were present at the meeting were not allowed to defend clients.

    It is one of the sentencing court Dstavyz·hay discovery of hunting rifles has been convicted of the arrest.to testify that the guns, the shooter is up to us to take charge of armed insurrection. "

    All human rights organizations and activists to address and follow up calls and judgments are trying to stop it. The convicts had also been previously requested by the family.

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