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    Posted July 20, 2013 by
    Tangipahoa, Louisiana
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    Zimmerman verdict: The world reacts

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    Character vs Race

    My question to the world is ask yourself what is character and what does it represent. When Dr. King had a dream he knew that our skin color was only a portion of African American problems but our character could get us enroll into Harvard University, get us elected as the President of the United States, allow us to own our own TV network. Our character speak volume it is who we are. Our character can get that CEO to overlook that our skin tone is a little diffrent from our collegues and that because we are different that we should be giving a chance to prove ourself to society. I ask Treyvon Martin parents we know that your son was murder, we know that a white man murder him, we know that the President believe that if he had a son he would look like Treyvon but my question is would he have talked liked Treyvon, would your son have dress like Treyvon, would your son have had the character of Treyvon, would your son have failed a drug test, would your son have been expelled from school, Mr. President please breifly explain to me how you could have been Treyvon Martin 35 years ago. Are you indicating that your parents or legal guardians didnt instill into you character that you would have been walking in a neighborhood high off of weed with a hood on expelled out of school is that how you can relate so much to Treyvon Martin do you have a personal tide to Treyvon Martin that we as American Citizens should know about excatly how could Treyvon Martin have been you. I have seen so many African Americans protest, speak out, and voice their thoughts so here is my suggestion let's start educating our African American children that our color is only a portion of our problem that as the age of 4 we need to start making sure their vocabulary can compete with 6 years old of other race, that we show them other parts of the country even if we cant afford to visit them, that we let them listen to other music besides hip hop and R&B, that they know that in school they have to study twice as hard simply because one day it is their character that will allow them to travel, learn, and have the life of other races and cultures not the color of their skin.
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