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    Posted July 23, 2013 by
    Winfield, British Columbia
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    Open letter to President Obama

    Dear President Obama... I am a fan and I feel very presumptuous writing this . I ask for your understanding for I have nothing but respect for you. I feel you have the ability to do what no other president in history could ever do. Racism is real and will likely be with us for some time. I not only remember the long hot summers of the mid 60's, but was a small part of them. US army 65/68. I was flown late at night from Fort Knox Ky. to Fort Mead Maryland because of riots in DC and Baltimore in the aftermath of the Dr. King assassination. What many don't remember is that riots were going on, in spite of Dr. Kings best efforts,all over the country each summer for a couple of years or so before that event. THAT event spawned firefighters being shot off there ladders. I saw first hand the hatred and anger. During the later LA riot the nation saw an innocent truck driver have a brick thrown into his head and that man dance over him. These and other events we are asked to be understood under the rationale of righteous indignation for Racism. It never seems to be discussed as black racism. Black racism is real and we are seeing it right now. This as it was before can be very dangerous. I see racism & bigotry in the leadership of the NAACP but it never gets called out. Why?? Is it fear? Racism thrives on ALL aspect of fear.This does nothing but harm to the advancement of color people. It only insight anger and hatred. I see the Just. Dept. investigation mainly as an appeasement to bigots. That Dept. could make a much stronger case for some people insighting civil unrest. I was very encouraged by the small turnout at the last NAACP meeting in Florida, although the true believers are still scary. I hope this means that people are coming to term with this verdict. It was a TRUE tragedy, but not a crime. Black racism is real and very dangerous when it can take over a noble organization like the NAACP. You have credibility like no other. Appeasement has a bad history and often has lead to violence . You may not agree with me, but if you understand even in a small way what I'm saying, you are the best man to disarm this matter.....PRIVATE/PUBLIC Thank you and with all respect.....M.M.
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