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    Proof of Alien/Spiritual Existance

    To whom it may concern,
    I am a retired 75 year old design engineer. The story I’m going to tell you will sound ridiculous, bizarre, unbelievable and untrue, but it happened and the images captured on film provides proof of the existence of alien beings, spiritual, supernatural, or possibly entities existing in another dimension.
    I have been on several radio shows and have been told by several hosts that they have never seen anything even remotely close to what is on the films and they can’t understand why this hasn’t been all over the news channels. I don’t know either, other than most people believe the films are fake or, maybe because of various personal reasons they just don’t want to consider the possibility that such things do exist.
    During the years from 1974-1980 we lived in the Village of Palm Springs, Florida. The story began during the month of September 1974 when my family and I began to be the target of vandalism to our property, randomly always occurring during the night. We didn’t know why this was happening but suspected it was one of our neighbors simply because the damage occurred too often to be a random event.
    I installed a Kodak Analyst Super Eight surveillance camera overlooking the backyard of our home in an effort to identify the person or persons causing the damage. After about a month of filming, I began to get images on film that I first thought were small children wearing football-type helmets. This assumption was later proven incorrect by a local reporter who worked for the Lake Worth Herald. She showed the photographs to one of the astronauts. I believe she said it was Gordon Cooper. His response to her was that they didn’t appear to be solid. We didn’t know what the images were but they definitely were not people as we know them. They appeared to resemble spacesuits.
    I continued to run the camera on random nights trying to identify the vandals but never was successful. The damage to our property stopped in 1978 but the images continued to come on film. These consisted of many different type images such as orbs, alien entities, what appears to be surveillance probes and even objects that appear on film that faded in and out over time. Many of these had facial features that changed in size in front of the camera. Because of the wide variation of images it was almost like having a preview into another world either existing with ours or coming from another dimension.
    In 1980, due to personal reasons, I discontinued running the camera and moved from the area. The films and camera were put away. About three years ago I retrieved the films from storage and started to review them once again. This time because of access to computers, I discovered that another person in Chicago had filmed the same entities during the same time period that I originally got them on film. At that time I decided to document the images in my first book The Alien Connection by Gregory Harold. The book describes the filming and images in detail.
    Shortly after that, I published a DVD called Harold’s Mystery. It shows most of the images on film using film clips from the original super eight films. I still have over 80 rolls of the original film along with the camera.
    Because the images were only visible to the camera and didn’t appear to be solid or consist of matter as we know it, I began to look into the possible spiritual aspects of the images and to implications that might result if some of the images on the film correlated with descriptions of angels in religious documents. This is when I wrote my second book which is classified as science fiction even though some of the images on film and my personal experiences are referred to in the book. I tried to provide a scenario that could offer an explanation for the presence of the images on film, a reason for them being here that didn’t totally conflict with basic religious beliefs. The book is called Reality of the Soul- The Rest of the Story
    Because of the large amounts of information and numerous variations of images the best way to understand the images on film is to watch the DVD. I tried uploading it to you but there is a 600 mb limit on uploads. I’ll be glad to send you one along with the book if you are interested. For the time being I will upload some small video clips that I have put on youtube. There are approximately 40 videos you can watch on my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/greggh71
    You can also visit my website, www.gregoryharold.com

    Thank you for your interest
    Gregory Harold

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