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    AUSTIN, Texas

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    Q & A with O “Dino” Domino, CEO of Mysterious Ent.


    Many of the best Indie Labels are run by people who know what  it's like to be the artist themselves, and that is certainly the case  with Mysterious Entertainment. Mr. Domino has seen the music industry  from all sides and has picked up music business know-how in all aspects  of the industry. . Recently Mr. Domino was offered and accepted a Talent  Scout position with SMG Universal Global Network. He also has  affiliations with P.U.S.H. – (Promote Until Something Happens), and MPRE  (Money Platinum Radio Entertainment - Bungalo UMG). Through his  affiliates his company can now offer nationwide digital and in-store  distribution. Here he talks about being an artist, producer, record  label owner, and his latest project “Southern Riot” the Mix-tape.


    For the viewers who haven’t heard of you can you tell us a little about yourself?

    Most  people know me as the CEO of Mysterious Entertainment, but I wear many  hats within the label. I am the Executive Producer, Executive Engineer,  Manager, Graphic Designer, Promoter, Booking Agent and an artist as  well. My company operates out of Texas. I have been involved in music  since 1991 when my Great Uncle, Fat’s Domino, surprised me by letting me  tag along with him in the recording studio.


    What motivated you to get in the label side of the music business?

    After  the unsuccessful release of my first two solo projects, I decided that I  needed to know more about the industry to not only have a successful  release but save money as well. So I stepped away from producing and  recording for about 3 years and read every piece of material I could  find that talked about the industry. When I came back to producing and  recording I found it was much easier to do what I was trying to do all  this time. I released a project called Royal South, which is still  available on iTunes and one of the featured artists called me and asked  if I was willing to produce, record and engineer a project for him. We  agreed and I completed his project for $250. After that, all his friends  started calling me as well; for the same thing. At that point I had no  label or any kind of name to associate my home studio. I remembered an article I read the 3 years I was away from music and  decided to create an independent label that focused on generating a  great product with very little overhead; Mysterious Entertainment was  born.


    Aside from talent what qualities in an artist really stand out for you?

    Work ethic, and being willing to invest in themselves and their career. Many  artists want the celebrity life but are not willing to work for it.  When I scout a talent, their music is honestly the last thing I listen  to. During a conversation I’m looking to see if they know anything about  the business aspect of this industry and how many times they tell me  they are a “hot” artist. What I really hate is when they pull their  phone out and say “Listen to this!”. I also look for an artist that is willing to accept and apply criticism. This is also important because we can all improve on something whether delivery, stage presence, vocabulary or something.

    Do you prefer originality over conformity, even if it won't make you as much money?

    Absolutely  I definitely prefer originality because I’m a firm believer in the  phrase “The money will come.” I don’t like to work with artists that try  to look like or sound like another artist. Now getting ideas from  another artist and tweaking those ideas with their own personality is  cool; but to simply conform or mimic another artist is a no-no in my  book.


    What are your thoughts on the music industry today?

    I have a great respect for the music industry because it continues to adapt with the increase in technology. Just like it’s history, I believe the industry is going through a  faddish phase right now with the type of hip hop music being promoted  and considered “hot”. You won’t hear me talk bad about another artist  but being in this business for so long and seeing the things I’ve seen, I  understand why this modern day hip hop (in my opinion is not hip hop)  is in such demand. I also have much respect for all labels (indie and  major) as it takes a lot to start and run one. One thing I have noticed is that more and more Major labels are  affiliating themselves with the Indie labels and using them kind of like  the NBA uses the D League. Smart move.


    Tell us about your current project “Southern Riot” how did it come about? What can fans expect to hear?

    Out  of all the projects that I have worked on this one is special because  it is the first one with my entire label having a hand in it. The name  Southern Riot was decided because it was almost like a riot in the  studio writing and recording it. We all had to compromise as everyone wanted their ideas incorporated. It was actually fun. Fans can expect a compilation of songs from different parts of the  nation. There is something on there that I feel everyone will relate to  regardless of where they are from and overall they can expect great independent music. Southern Riot is  hosted by DJ Big Redd of Swisha House and features -Mizz 901, Who Dat,  Rah Talynt, Zonee, R. Lyric and a special feature by Legion an SMG  Universal Artist, and me “Dino”.

    The one song on  this project that I have the most feelings about is No Gimmicks. Now it  ain’t flashy but it simply states that we as a label are generating  success without the use of gimmicks. Our success comes directly from  hard work and sacrifice; which leads me to the song Serious by Mizz 901.  I have major feelings for this song because this song was written and  delivered from that emotional place that many artists today fail to  reach.

    What can we expect from Mysterious Entertainment next?

    Within  the next year, the world can expect big things from Mysterious  Entertainment. Mizz 901’s debut album and EP is set to drop later this  year along with our annual project a Hip Hop Christmas compilation. We  are also scheduled to release the debut album and LP of GMG a rap group  on our label. Southern Riot volume 2 and an R&B Explosion  Compilation and EP. Numerous live performances through the year to  include a community event hosted by Mysterious Entertainment with  partners from T-Mobile, Wal-Mart, the Battered Women’s Society and many  others.


    How can fans connect with you?

    It’s  very easy to connect with all the members of Mysterious Entertainment.  Our official site is www.mysteriousent.com; we can be found on Facebook  at www.facebook.com/mysteriousent; Twitter is  www.twitter.com/Mysterious_Ent. There you can find links and contact  information for every member of the label; or you can call my Executive  Director of Operations at 254-307-1303 email: exec.dir@mysteriousent.com


    How are you reached for booking or collaborations:

    For any business related inquiries the contact is Vee, Executive Director of Operations at 254-307-1303 email: exec.dir@mysteriousent.com. Media Inquiries to Lashaun Turner @ URBAN STARZ MEDIA & P.R (951) 665-8365

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