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    Have a Goofy Dinner Night!


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     KateWHall is a stay-at-home mom and blogger in the Chicago area. This iReport is based on a post she wrote in October 2012 on her blog, Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine. The family has done goofy dinners sporadically since.

    She said the family tried most of the suggestions on her list. They ate dinner with large serving spoons, tongs, their hands and toothpicks, they ate dinner with their clothes backward and while watching a movie in the living room (that one made her the most nervous, since she doesn’t usually allow food in the living room.)

    'The one where we ate dessert first was funny because we did that at a restaurant. The waiter was very confused and we had to explain how our Goofy Dinner Night worked. We ended up being so full from the fried ice cream that we just ate nachos for dinner.'
    - dsashin, CNN iReport producer

    A while back, I was looking for a way to incorporate some fun into our family meals – actually, our lives, because I was feeling like the most un-fun mom on the planet. I can sometimes, maybe, be a little, teeny-tiny bit funny (that's me digging for compliments) on my blog, but with my kids, I'm all bid-ness, like no-never-ever nonsense. And kids thrive on nonsense, so something had to be done.

    I heard about a mom that had her family eat spaghetti one night with their hands. I thought, “Now, that's a fun mom!” So, we tried it out. And they hated it.

    But, I was persistent (for the first time in my life). We followed it up the next week by eating dinner with serving tongs. They got into it a little more.

    By the third week they were asking what goofy thing we were going to do for dinner. So we made it a Monday night tradition (because Mondays typically suck) to have Goofy Dinner Night.

    Here's the list of some of the things we tried out, on a not-really puke green background - this is actually my favorite color.
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