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    Health Benefits of Eating Organic Food


    We are in the age of technology and foods this days are going nuts, some studies and researched proved that there are many foods that were healthy but not and some say that organic food is the only way to become healthy this days. We aren't sure but we should check some of the best health benefits of eating organic food and hoping that these organic foods are some what the ones that we are looking for.


    1. Great Antioxidant Value


    Antioxidants are important nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables and have been shown to impart multiple health benefits. Organic foods may have more higher antioxidants, including vitamin C which for example are found in organic broccoli compared to conventional.


    2. Reduced Pesticide Exposure


    Certified organic produce is free from pesticide residues. Many consumers choose organic produce because they desire to lower their exposure to the pesticides found on commercial produce. When commercial produce was replaced with organic produce, pesticide exposure was reduced significantly.


    3. Reduced Antibiotic Exposure


    Increasing usage of antibiotics among dairy farms and feed lots, antibiotic resistance is becoming a concern for many Americans. Organically raised animals are not given antibiotic additives; therefore, organic diary and meats products do not contain these residues.


    4. Organic vs GMO Food


    An increase in production of genetically modified foods and the lack of labeling of these foods is causing many concerned Americans to choose organic foods. The health implications of GM foods is still being studied, but preliminary results do not look good. Rat studies show depressed immune systems, reproductive dysfunction, cancer, allergies, toxicity and more.

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