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    Protests in Egypt: Your experiences

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    Egypt's International Media Wars

    If you have been following the current events happening in Egypt by reading international or local papers, or if you simply like to channel surf all the worlds news channels as well as local ones; you would be baffled by the contradicting reports. You watch Al Jazeera channel and their happening now news bar reads: "Egypt in Turmoil" insinuating at all times that it’s a huge national divide and the country can succumb into a state of civil war at any time. The truth is far from that, if you go to Egypt today you would probably not even notice the Morsi supporters, since they are so isolated in two different parts of Cairo and they are a minority. Al Jazeera television channel the famous Qatari television channel is obviously biased towards the Muslim Brotherhood. Every single Egyptian knows that Qatar was one of the biggest financiers for them during their one year reign. Recently several other channels have also come to be popular for supporting the brotherhood, channels such as "Yarmuk" and Iraqi based channel! "Palestine.." channel which is totally supporting their cause, and it is no secret amongst Egyptians that Hammas has very close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). On the other hand the majority if not the whole of the privately and government owed Egyptian channels are all anti-MB, Terrorism and violence. They have a reason to do so, since the MB staging of the protests and staging of false media campaigns against an entire nation have shaken the foundations of Egyptian Nationalism and the Egyptian Identity as a whole. The false media campaigns and magnification of the popularity of the MB is merely a false image being portrayed by Supporters and sympathizers of the MB. Country's which had political as well as security interests in the region and had thrown all their weight behind the MB party and helped them reach power are the ones staging these false media wars to over exaggerate the MB situation and to falsely show the world that Egypt is divided; Perhaps to create another Iraq, Syria or Libya in the region. Ultimately trying to destabilize one of the biggest military’s in the region and the only country that was able to defeat Israel in the 1973 war. The resoluteness of the Egyptian people both Muslims and Christians, an entire nation is against the MB. Their media wars and incitement of violence ever since ex-president Morsi was ousted and even before that, has since only sickened the Egyptian people and made them divided. The MB has put itself in a very tight corner, where it has lost all credibility as a party and people. It has made enemies with the Military, Police, Media and the average Egyptian Citizen. Their constant protests in primarily two locations in Cairo, have only aggravated the rest of the nation, more than thirty million who took to the streets in support of the military and against terrorism on the June the 26th. Their protests are purposely insightful of violence. Take for instance the dawn of the 26th of June, after a whole nation successfully proved to the world and their nation and that it was never a Military Coup it was simply the will of the people and that the whole country denounces violence. Protests were staged on that dawn by MB protestors, against the popular protestors held earlier that day, against them. They protested after dawn prayers close to a vital military building, the headquarters of the Republican Guard. They shot at, and harassed the military and killed a few soldiers; naturally the guards there took necessary action and fired back injuring and killing several protestors (something the military repeatedly warned about.) Guards first took action by firing smoke bombs, then rubber bullets, when soldiers stationed in front of the Republican Guard started to fall they did what was necessary to insure their survival and the protection of their Headquarters. The Muslim Brotherhood then utilizes their vast network of connections across the world. After all the MB is a worldwide organization which claims has links in sixty four countries across the world. You can begin to imagine the media damage that can be done, by simply spreading the wrong word or picture. What about western television channels? It’s a total mess as well! You don’t know who to believe any more? You have to simply watch different channels, question sources, do your own research and hopefully be able to grasp the big picture. As I report from this seven thousand old nation, it is very evident that MB have only been resented and hated in their one year governance of Egypt, their continuous trials to Brotherhoodise the nation as it has come to be known and believed by many (Controlling vital facilities and leading positions in the nation so as to create their own nation, it is well known that ousted x-president Morsi took all his orders from their higher spiritual leader “Mohammed Badie” and they in turn only care about their unity and strength.) Why has foreign Media failed to bring to attention the situation happening in Sinai? Every day terrorist organizations in support of the MB, fire on, injure and kill police and military units stationed in Sinai. Why is this not being reported, to show the true nature of the MB and their supporters, who have recently come from many terrorist organizations and organizations; brain washed by the MB to think they are fighting a holy war against religion. Why doesn’t anybody cover the innocent guards and police who die every day protecting this nation? It doesn’t take a genius to understand it’s a serious and very bloody media war, a cold war if you like that is being waged on local and international media outlets: supporters of the MB, and a nation saving itself from the MB and whomever they have sold their souls to. Muslim Brotherhood figures and their media wars and false reporting is only fueling more hate against them, and continue to affect their credibility and their future as a party, organization and people in this proud country. The average Egyptian feels the MB members are not part of the country; they insult the military, they call for martyrdom, they call for more bloodshed in the name of religion. They stage protests at strange times and in stranger locations only to draw blood shed. They routinely disrupt main streets and refuse to return to the political process although they have been asked to join the National Reconciliation process and to restart the democratic process in Egypt with the rest of the parties. Everybody has come to see the MB for who they truly are, power hungry, blood hungry and a threat to the stability of this nation. An organization that uses Islam as a tool for it’s political aspirations. In a country just learning democracy, the people have come to expect someone who will unify this new Egypt, who will bring all ethnicities and religions closer, to keep the Egyptian Identity intact as a peace loving nation who are religious by nature and believe that religion and politics shouldn’t be mixed and bloodshed and ignorance is a thing of the past. As the Media wars continue the Egyptian People become wiser and closer knit as a nation. It is a period of re-awakening for the average Egyptian who again feels he has taken his country back from an organization which was taking the country to a dark place unknown. The Egyptian people are practicing democracy in its most primitive forms, by taking to the streets, by supporting their leaders and by frowning upon conspirators and unacceptable political behavior. No one will be able to rule this nation unfairly, unjustly or against the will of the Egyptian people. The People have gained their legitimacy and independence and they will stand in unity to make this country reach before unattainable heights. The Media has been freed; media over time will be the harbinger of truth and justice. Media practices will evolve to become transparent, honest and function as the eyes and mouth of an entire nation.
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