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    Posted August 2, 2013 by
    Charlotte, North Carolina
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    Charron Monaye Does It All: Writer, Playwright, and Songwriter


    I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Monaye at an event in Charlotte, North Carolina. Being as though we are both writers we were ready to network and make those long lasting business connections. I was surprised because Ms. Monaye seemed shy and to herself. But, boy are looks deceiving!


    Ms. Monaye is an author, songwriter, businesswoman and an activist against bullying. Her plays, “ Living Your Life, Why Can’t We Be Friends, and many more are just the beginning. Ms. Monaye recently participated in 2013’s D.C Black Theatre’ Festival where her play was advertised and shown to many people who were not only amazed at the play but her overall talent. Ms. Monaye is changing the world one day at a mine. Her passion and drive draws attention to her in a positive way.


    As I began to follow Ms. Monaye’s journey after our meeting, she continues to amaze me with her talents. When asking to do this interview I wanted to focus on Charron Monaye the writer where it all got started before she branched out into these different avenues. See how the magic of her career began!


    K Diggs: When did you start writing books?


    Charron Monaye: My first book was released February 2011, which was a book of poetry entitled “My Side of the Story.


    K Diggs: Were you always interested in writing?


    Charron Monaye: I was already interested in writing poetry because that was my way of releasing feelings and emotions since I was not great at verbalizing them.


    K Diggs: How long does it take for you to complete a manuscript?


    Charron Monaye: It can take me up to 6 months because I don’t just write about anything, I write from the heart and experience.
    K. Diggs: Being involved in this literary industry, what do you find more challenging now in 2013 then when you first started?


    Charron Monaye: When I started physical books were still somewhat popular because Kindle and Nook hadn’t taken over the literacy game. So I could get $12.99 for my book and people were attending book signings, But now, people’s first question to me is, “Can I buy it on Kindle?” So it;s hard to decide, for a person like me who loves books, to become a digital seller (only making my work available online or remaining traditional and keep my books available in print.


    K. Diggs: What is your favorite book that you have written?


    Charron Monaye: My Side of the Story


    K Diggs: If you could change one thing about your writing style what would it be?


    Charron Monaye: Nothing because it’s from the heart, and everything I go through happens for a reason. So to change my writing style, would be changing me.


    K. Diggs: What literary works are you working on now?


    Charron Monaye: My next book of poetry, giving a little raw, and uncut drama of what this industry really is. Throughout my career, I have met a lot of people, worked with great people, and connected with not so great people, so now it’s time to release my dose of Reality T.V. in print.


    K Diggs: How do you feel about your overall career as a writer?


    Charron Monaye: I am great, honored and humble. I have worked as a staff writer for a magazine, wrote songs, wrote plays, and now writing blogs, along with my poetry. My pen is extremely busy but I am very pleased of my ability to do what I love.


    K Diggs: What advice do you have for aspiring authors?


    Charron Monaye: Learn the business, understand publishing, remain true to who you are, and no matter you may face or go through, always remember why you started this journey.


    K. Diggs: When writing where do you get your inspiration from?


    Charron Monaye: My life, my life is a story, so I pull real life into my work because it’s easier to sell. People love stories that they can relate too.


    K Diggs: If you had one character that reminded you of yourself, what book is it from, and who is the character?


    Charron Monaye: Kunte Kinte’, from the book “Roots” by Alex Haley because no matter what his obstacle was, he feared nothing. He fought for his freedom, and died still trying to be free. In my career, I am somewhat the same way. I have going through a lot, I’ve lost, I’ve sacrificed, but I am still here with another pen waiting for an opportunity. When you are determined to make something happen, you work hard, you become creative, and you never give up.


    K Diggs: What book or play did you have the most difficulty writing?


    Charron Monaye: My next production that is slated to come out next year, Get Out Of Your Own Way. This play is a play where 5 friends, from different walks of life, is connected by a secret but has allowed it to hinder their lives. But the twist is, many of them don’t even know they the others are involved. So it’s a secret inside of a secret. Drama filled and a true rollercoaster ride.

    K Diggs: I know that some authors write more then one book at one time, what is your process?


    Charron Monaye: One book at a time, I write in so many industries that I don’t have the time to work on multiple books, I may write poetry and a play, but 2 books, girl I would be crazy.


    K. Diggs: Who is your favorite author?


    Charron Monaye: Terri McMillian, Iyanla Vanzant


    K Diggs: What kind of books do you like to read?


    Charron Monaye: Urban Romance, or Self Help


    K Diggs: What is next for Charron Monaye?


    Charron Monaye: My new play that is focusing on Anti-Bullying entitled Why Can’t We Be Friends, coming to Philadelphia, St. Raymond School on Aug 30 and Aug 31st. Also, my son Christopher Hopson, age 12 who's book, " I Believe In Me, inspired me to write this play.


    K Diggs: Do you see any of your books making it to the big screen?


    Charron Monaye: Well, My Side of the Story was the blueprint to my play, Living Your Life, which is now in talks about a movie, so yes… I am working on that now and prayfully it will be out 2015-2016.


    K Diggs: If you could co-write a book or play with any author who would it be?


    Charron Monaye: Tyrese for books and David Talbert for playwriting, I admire their work and I know my pen will be pushed for greatness working with these two gentlemen.


    See what I mean? What can’t this woman do. She does it all! Ms. Monaye, thank you for allowing me to interview you. I’m very honored to be able to see what’s in store for you. I know you are going places and these blessings that you have received are only the beginning! World, look out because you will not see the last of Ms. Monaye!


    Ms. Charron Monaye can be contacted at:


    charron.monaye@gmail.com or visit her website www.charronmonaye.com

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