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    Posted August 6, 2013 by
    New Orleans, Louisiana

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    Local Neighborhood Search Still Going Strong


    LocalBlox founder and CEO, Sabira Arefin, announced that the firm will be launching in additional locations, totaling 120,000 neighborhoods across the U.S. The company employs big data from an extensive variety of sources to provide users with business services, hyperlocal news events and crime information that’s relevant to users in their specific community.
    “LocalBlox is built on the idea of empowering neighborhood communities and fostering local economies that can have a direct and positive impact on where people live and work,” said Arefin. “Our model provides a comprehensive yet simplistic view for neighborhoods and neighborhood businesses leveraging big data.”
    LocalBlox is driven by a big data engine to mine the Web for facts and content, accesses an extensive number of sources, cross-validates and extrapolates to obtain an accurate and comprehensive view of neighborhoods. The result is a one-stop resource that addresses the needs of users in the context of their own neighborhood in a meaningful way.
    “LocalBlox has a parsing, extraction and mining engine that continuously scans a diverse array of sources and maps relevant data-points,” said LocalBlox founder and founding CTO, Ashfaq Rahman. A software design engineer from Microsoft, Rahman is the founder of technologies for multiple disruptive startups. He’s previously built successful and scalable systems and technologies around machine learning, NLP and big data.
    The technology company builds highly-scalable neighborhood platforms that address the unique way that individuals and businesses in communities communicate. Hyperlocal content and tools are provided to empower local communities and businesses.
    LocalBlox has already assembled billions of attribute data points on over 23 million businesses in 120,000 neighborhoods. Twenty three million businesses & four million point of interests are cross validated with over 12 sources, using real time proprietary scoring and validated against more than 1 billion records, spanning more than 10 million authoritative sources and discovery through Web mining with its proprietary scoring and syndication for mobile platforms. The firm encompasses top 52,000 neighborhood profiles computed from 200 million housing, 90 million home owners & validated against more than 1 billion records
    Each neighborhood has names and references to certain areas that are specific to the locality that aren’t necessarily the ones found in official reference materials. The people who live there know and associate them by those names. LocalBlox is one of the first to take that data into consideration. LocalBlox boundaries utilize contemporary data, modern strategies and state-of-the-art technology instead of old-fashioned hand-drawn methods and official, but often outdated, reference materials.
    A live proof is the neighborhood of Overlake, Redmond, WA http://www.localblox.com/StatsAndMap/11952/Overlake-Redmond-Washington-USA. A lot of people are relating to their location as a part of Overlake in Redmond though the physical neighborhood is actually small. For users, home buyers and businesses utilizing hyperlocal or mobile targeting, it makes sense to have the knowledge of the neighborhood from both social and real estate perspectives.
    “Our parsing, extraction and mining engine continuously scans a diverse array of data points, maps and sources to provide information in the context of local neighborhoods,” said Arefin. “Many online boundary and mapping tools are woefully out of date. They lack accuracy and relevance that can result in a simple inconvenience to a potentially dangerous experience. With our proprietary data acquisition, validation and real-time scoring, we provide a higher level of accuracy, relevance and meaningful context.
    “For instance, I booked a hotel with a popular travel website for a hyperlocal conference in SoHo in New York City and ended up in a neighborhood in Chinatown,” continued Arefin. “No matter how close it is or how interesting Chinatown is, it’s a very different experience than SoHo. If boundary companies are unable to locate SoHo accurately, one of the most prestigious and premium neighborhoods in the nation, their hand-drawn boundaries are incorrect and don’t provide the information people need or want. We have physical and social boundaries for the most popular neighborhoods in the U.S. At LocalBlox, if you’re looking for SoHo http://www.localblox.com/StatsAndMap/7927/SoHo-New-York-New-York-USA, you won’t wind up in Chinatown.
    A LocalBlox innovation is its LoveScore™, calculated in real time for 23 million businesses in 112,000 neighborhoods in the U.S. through real time aggregation, updates and proprietary scoring based on user reviews and activities on the LocalBlox platform. That data is combined with a variety of sources such as social media activities, reviews and ratings from online directories and review sites, loyalty points, check-ins and profile features.
    “Our directory with proprietary scoring automatically identifies the businesses that are closed, utilizing real time news extraction and the Web,” said Arefin. “Only businesses that have top reviews, activities and are the most loveable within their own community are displayed. Users are unlikely to bump into a business that’s no longer exists or is undesirable.”
    LocalBlox has excelled and assembled a premiere team for its advisory board. Members include start-up mogul, Merrill Brown. He was a founding team member and editor-in-chief of MSNBC, the founder of MMB Media LLC, and was instrumental in the launch of the Court TV network. Also on the board are world class entrepreneurs Dane Madsen, founder of YellowPages, and Charles Dyer, an expert in startups and social and mobile technologies.
    Arefin’s announcement marks a new milestone for the company and demonstrates the effectiveness of its model. The firm’s many features provide the means for business owners to offer a superior level of customer service, control reputations and build their brand, while extending their reach into new markets for increased profitability.
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