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    What Kind Of Charity Runs In This Manner? Pt 2


    I then came upon another Twitter account tweeting for MENA Foundation (https://twitter.com/yasminereports) that has a different contact email than the one listed on MENA Foundation’s Facebook page (see screenshot:



    ). I then sent a tweet to this account (seen here:



    ) to ask about the contact information and have yet to receive a response. This created even more suspicion so I decided to take a look at all the entries on MENA Foundation’s website to see if there was any clue as to who to contact and found nothing. What I did find, though, was a video that purported to be in affiliation with Sabin Vaccine Institute’s END7 campaign (http://www.end7.org/) (screenshot of video credits:





    ) and another entry that promoted Plan International’s ‘Sponsor a Girl’ campaign (http://plan-international.org/girls/sponsor-a-girl.php) (screenshot of the page:



    ). Looking on MENA Foundation’s Facebook page, I also found shared links to Regional Partnership on Culture and Development (RPCD http://www.mena-partnership.info/), which is a program of USAID Middle East (see screenshot:



    ). Since these three organizations are well-respected organizations, and it appeared that MENA Foundation was claiming affiliation with them, I decided to contact them.

    Sabin Vaccine Institute and Plan International promptly replied stating there was no affiliation between them and MENA Foundation (see screenshots: Sabin -



    ; Plan International USA branch -




    ). RPCD has yet to respond, but I am highly anticipating what information they may be able to provide regarding MENA and their affiliation, or lack thereof.

    I also contacted the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance (http://www.bbb.org/us/consumers/), a charity watchdog that reviews charities and their financial records for discrepancies and possible fraudulent activity. I received a response from them that also verified that MENA Foundation has yet to file their IRS Form 990, a form that charities complete to show their financial activity during the year (here is BBB Wise Giving Alliance’s response:




               Misrepresentation is also a big no-no, not just for charities, but for all consumer services. That is why this post asking for donations to sponsor a child in Syria disturbs me, and it disturbs me deeply. There are plenty of children in Syria who have been injured and maimed due to this ongoing senseless conflict and just as the children casualties are beyond numerous, so are the photos documenting this terrible tragedy and destruction of humanity. So, why does MENA Foundation, Inc. use the photo of a child attacked by a dog in 2002 as their 'poster child' for Syrian children?



    Take a look at the posting of the original story from a Russian newspaper, September 30, 2002:



    There you have it, misrepresentation in its full form.

    As I feel it is my duty as a citizen that cares about truth, I felt obligated to share my findings. I tweeted the information from the UK Charity Commission and Sabin Vaccine Institute as well as tweeting snapshots of the video that included the END7 logo and proof showing that I had indeed been blocked from following MENA Foundation on Twitter. My friend in the UK also tweeted similar information, and it wasn't long until two ‘parody’ accounts were created in an attempt to try to discredit the information we had found by ridiculing and mocking us (





    . I became aware of the ‘parody’ account about me after they mentioned me several times (see screenshot:



    ). I of course tweeted out the screenshot to show at what lengths individuals will go to in order to silence the truth and obviously the ‘parody’ account was watching my tweets for a response because the account was then put in a ‘protected’ status (seen here:



    ). I then decided to search for my own Twitter account name to see if there were any other individuals mentioning me that may shed some light on who had created this account, although I already knew who it was, and came upon a ‘parody’ account for my UK friend which had also mentioned me and then quickly placed their account in ‘protected’ status (seen here:



    ). The individual behind these ‘parody’ accounts is no secret. Whether she created them herself or asked, begged, pleaded, or paid someone else to do it for her to keep her hands clean, I implicate Gloria Jean Defeo in this and she will be held directly responsible for any harm that comes to me, my family, my reputation or the reputation of my family.

    Let us remember that she became so irate that a ‘parody’ account was created about her, and may I add that it was long before I even knew, or cared , that she existed, yet she has the audacity to do the very thing that she condemns (see screenshot:



    I am now waiting for a response to my complaint to the Better Business Bureau in West Palm Beach, Florida and according to the site, the complaint will be responded to within thirty days.

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