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    The Government of Canada has given me a prescription that I can't fill!


    The Government of Canada has given me a prescription that I can't fill!


    My name is Alison and I am 49 years old, have Chronic Progressive MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS and Left-side TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA (a.k.a. Tic Douloureux ). After symptoms dating back to Cheerleading in High School, I was finally diagnosed in October 1992 at the age of 28, back to the age of 10 and 11 years old, with this puzzling disease.


    Almost 20 years ago I had my most serious Exacerbation to date and lost full use of my body from the waist down. After many years off and on a walker, utilizing a wheelchair more often than I liked AND working with some wonderful therapists, I am happy to say I now walk most days with a cane. Sadly I was consuming very small amounts of cannabis through my Doctors but none of us knew the incredible benefits back then…


    After being assessed by some of the TOP PAIN SPECIALISTS in this end of Canada, being prescribed every Opioid (short of Methadone), trying numerous Epileptic medications and following various Alternative Therapies from Acupuncture to Infra-Orbital Nerve Blocks, in early 1994 I was introduced to MEDICAL CANNABIS for relief from the pain in my face and head that was absolutely unbearable most days.


    Soon after, I investigated all avenues trying to find help with the COST and SUPPLY of this natural substance that was giving me so much RELIEF and so FEW side effects. (I have been on FULL disability since 1995 so affordability was a KEY FACTOR in my being able to use this as MEDICATION being given my first “prescription” for cannabis in 1994/95). Enter the Canadian Government...


    To find out more regarding my Application for an "Exemption from Section 56 of The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act" to my note on my Doctor's Prescription Pad stating "Alison Myrden uses cannabis for relief from Multiple Sclerosis and a terrible pain in her face associated with MS called trigeminal neuralgia" in the mid to late 1990's which then, ultimately turned into a License from "the Medical Marihuana Access Division" (MMAD). We now sport the new Regulations calling the Program the "Medical Marihuana Access Regulations" or what is now known as "MMAR", please read on...


    I have been smoking CANNABIS as MEDICINE through my Doctors for over 18 years; I have had face pain for over 23 years. I have been living with this pain around the clock 24/7 for 20 years as of the Summer of 2011.


    I smoke half of a small Marijuana cigarette every 1/2 hour to hour to relieve the excruciating pain I experience in the left side of my face and head every day around the clock. Marijuana has helped me to come down from almost 2000 mg of Morphine per day. It has helped my leg spasms. It helped my bladder problems. It took away my nausea and stopped my constant vomiting. It has helped other symptoms that I wasn't expecting. I am alert and functional after smoking and am NOT addicted to it. When will people understand that this is NOT a "hard drug" and that it DOES BENEFIT some of us MEDICINALLY!!!??? I have now come down from over 30 pills per day for symptoms ranging from nerve pain, to bladder dysfunction, to muscle spasms, to a third of my total and now try to rely on cannabis as much as possible for relief. I cannot stress how much my quality of life has improved since being introduced to this WONDERFUL, NATURAL plant!


    I wish those of you luck who have approached your Doctors. I did and with their help, I am now one of, in and around 20,000 people in Canada to be given an Exemption or a LEGAL License, to be sanctioned by Health Canada and the Canadian Government to smoke, grow and possess a restricted amount of this MEDICATION anywhere in this country.


    This issue has just been acknowledged by the Canadian Government and they have been reviewing applications for people battling a plethora of health conditions for these Exemptions as they are submitted. When word continues to get out about HOW to approach the Government for this Exemption, Health Canada's offices will CONTINUE to be FLOODED!!


    PLEASE, those of you who believe in this as MEDICATION, talk to your Doctors - THIS - is how things change! Be PRO-ACTIVE in your health! Ask the Doctor's to fill out the forms in support of this as MEDICATION for YOUR HEALTH ISSUE(S).


    There are some WONDERFUL LINKS to the many diseases which medical cannabis has been said to help, including what I suffer from - Multiple Sclerosis and Trigeminal Neuralgia (a.k.a. tic douloureux) - as well as Spinal Cord Injury, Hepatitis C, AIDS (effects from wasting syndrome), Epilepsy, Cancer, Glaucoma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Alcoholism, Drug Dependence and hundreds if not thousands MORE! I just wanted to to mention a few health conditions that I have read over the many years I have been doing this. For a List of more illnesses and issues please drop by my dear friend GRANNY STORM CROW'S http://www.alisonmyrden.com/grannystormcrowlist.html to see a List of MMJ and many of the recognized conditions cannabis helps


    If I have given one person an alternative to some of the NEGATIVE PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS that are out there, then MY WORK HAS ALL BEEN WORTH IT. I understand your frustration and respect your need for a more comforting approach to the many health issues we face in our daily lives. I am asking the Government for a SAFE, CLEAN (fungus/pesticide-free), AFFORDABLE SOURCE of this MEDICATION now that they are handing out EXEMPTIONS. How can they give us a "PRESCRIPTION" that we have to go the STREETS to fill?


    This has been my battle since coming out to the MEDIA in APRIL of 2000 for help and assistance in legalizing and regulating cannabis once and for all. I am now helping fellow Exemptees and those looking for help all across Canada to be Licensed to consume medical cannabis to fight this issue, as their health is more than likely failing and I believe they have ENOUGH to deal with!


    I am going to make sure that no one else has to risk THEIR health in fighting this same issue.


    I am making it easier for YOU and - WE - need YOUR HELP!! I DO NOT want someone I love to have to deal with THESE ISSUES in the future...


    Look out Canada, and WORLD ~ I'm here to stay !! :o)


    Good Luck and Good Health to All!


    Here is the Story of how myself and 20 others got the very first FEDERAL Exemption for medical cannabis from the Government of Canada in the year 1999/2000...


    My Medical History


    The reason I looked into getting an EXEMPTION from Section 56 of "The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act" or what is now called a License in "the Medical Marijuana Access Division" (the MMAD) under a branch of Health Canada in the Canadian Government called "the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations" (MMAR) started like this…


    In 1995 I started getting a sporadic stabbing pain in my left face. This was controlled for a period of time with pharmaceutical medication. First I tried a short course of Solumedrol intravenously that relieved the pain. I continued with Prednisone for about ten days. October 1995 my pain was episodic and was kept under control with Tylenol # 3's on an as needed basis. Next came a regular dose of Tegretol. This was increased in February '96 to 200 mg three times a day. Pain returned and 25 mg Dantrium was added, increasing to four times a day. This was probably due more to leg spasms. In March '96 Tegretol was increased by 200 mg because I was describing pain 8-9 out of a scale to 10.


    April '96 I was started on another well known epileptic medication called Dilantin, increasing this while decreasing Tegretol. June '96 I was on 100 mg four times a day with relief for a few weeks. July '96 pain came back full force and Dilantin was increased to 500 mg/day. There was still trouble with breakthrough pain. Late October '96 pain increased, therefore I was told to increase my Dilantin... for the rest go to http://www.AlisonMyrden.com




    Alison Myrden
    Retired Law Enforcement Officer
    Speaker for LEAP
    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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