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    Dragon Con 2013

    Dragon Con 2013 with a "twist"


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     This will be Muffingirl's 13th Dragon Con in a row. 'Cosplay is just another way to artistically express myself. It is also a fun way to pass the time. As a military wife, I move to places where I don't know other people. I don't have children, so I have a lot of time on my hands. This is a good hobby with a tangible end result that I can wear and display at conventions - another past time that my husband and I enjoy. I also like it when I have a costume that no one else has. Changing a character from a male to a female makes a costume even more unique and rare.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    Dragon Con 2013 will be the venue for a myriad of cosplay and cross-play costumes created by me in the past year. I am the wife of an Army officer. We are currently stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX. We travel to Atlanta for Dragon Con every year. This will be our 13th year in a row. I will be bringing 4-6 costumes with me this year, depending on which ones are complete by the time we get on the airplane. Of those, I have several with a “twist”. I am not really sure how or why that happened, but it did.
    Of my costume selections for this year, here are the ones with a “twist”:
    • Female Pee Wee Herman – I have loved Pee Wee since I was a kid. A group of friends have a theme party at DC every year, and this year chose the theme of 70s and 80s pop culture icons. I had been tossing around the idea of a Pee Wee costume for a few years, and this was the perfect opportunity to make this happen. Not a lot went into the actual construction of the costume. It is mostly composed of items picked up here and there – an ill-fitting grey plaid suit, red bowtie, and a pair of killer white loafers that I ordered from China. The most significant “prep” that I did for this costume was growing out my bangs so that I can style my hair in a bouffant ponytail. (Side note: The theme party was cancelled due to lack of venue, but since the costume was already complete, I am bringing it to wear anyways.)
    • Girl Thor – This costume came about when my friend (who travels from New Zealand to attend Dragon Con with us) decided that he wanted to break into cosplay and do his first costume at 2013 Dragon Con. He chose Loki, not only because that is one of his favorite villains, but because he also resembles the character. To encourage him with his first cosplay, I agreed to do a female version of Thor to accompany his Loki. This was also my opportunity to experiment with a new material called Worbla – a thermoplastic and modeling material that comes in sheets. It was a lot of fun to mentally deconstruct the costume in the design phase, then build it in the construction phase. This is my show piece for Dragon Con 2013. I have poured hours upon hours, and lots of money, in the last several months to create this costume. The armor is constructed from the Worbla, which is cut, heated, molded, primed, sanded and painted. Several pieces were then adhered to a corset and a skirt (corset was purchased, skirt I constructed). I took an old pair of boots and modified them by sculpting and adhering Worbla to them. I molded a headpiece and vambracers from Worbla. The cape is sewn and a nice replica of Thor’s hammer was purchased online. This costume is currently progressing along, and I will probably work on it until the moment that I wear it. But I am a perfectionist, and I am quite proud of it, so I will want to make sure that every last detail is perfect.
    • Femme Captain America – The idea for this costume was conceived when I bought my husband a vintage style Captain America shield (in the old school shape, not the newer round shape). I thought it would be a great centerpiece to a Captain America costume. The twist is not just a female, or “femme” CA, but also a more vintage style costume with a corset, bustle and boots. It is influenced by the vintage comic book Captain America, but is more of an interpretation of the original costume, not an exact replica.
    • Girl Robin – We enjoy doing “group costumes” with friends. This year, we chose the old school Batman TV show as inspiration. One of my female friends will be Batman, I will be Robin, and my husband will be the Riddler. My husband’s costume is more traditional, but the Batman and Robin will be a sexier interpretation. My Robin dress is made of pleather, and mimics the style and color scheme of the Robin costume from the TV show. Added touches include thigh high leather boots and pigtails. We will complete the costumes with BAM! KABOOM! ZAM! signs mounted on foam board. These will make great accents when we take photos fighting with many different characters that we encounter.
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