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    Posted October 2, 2008 by
    Cincinnati, Ohio
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    Sarah Palin Rap Song By Greg Reese



    Thank You For all of the great comments on the Lyrics video



    Uniting The Political Parties with Hip Hop






    Is everybody ready here tonight, for Sarah Palin put your, put your, hands up,






    It's Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin,put your flags up, put your flags up, put your flags up, put your flags up,It's Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin,USA, USA, USA, USA,



    It's Sarah Palin, Pit Bull, Lipstick, Barra, cuda gather round and check this.

    She energizes the crowd, keep em wild, now you realize that wow she's got style,



    From the RNC definitely a game changer the polls they moved up it was a rearrang-erBounce, Bounce, you need to follow this, this is something that you should not miss,



    A mother, a mayor, a governor and taxpayer no need to ask

    her, straight talking from Alaska,

    forty ninth state USA I say watch her shine, first woman to

    be elected, respect it

    I checked it it's history ask Sean Hannity stop with the

    insanity and give her some props

    "Fresh Ideas and Energy" they won't stop I thought I told you

    look up the issues make a decision

    precision tune political here I come so there they go

    I'm a show you the positive, you find the rest, Sarah Palin could be the next.





    It's Sarah Palin, mother, friend, and sister, hockey, mom, I'm running down a list of accomplishments. Just a little bit so take a note, back it up because she ain't no joke.

    Two terms on city council, two terms as mayor of wasilla, Alaska. appointed to oil and gas,



    Conservation Commission, in an ethics position, then building on education, public safety and transportation, She became governor youngest person and first lady, first woman to get that office so get off her,



    She's a maverick cracking the glass ceiling appealing to

    those across the nation from news to radio stations,

    It's a great place when a woman can rise to the top of the pole without selling her soul.

    My mother is my example so I gotta acknowledge it, Sarah Palin's prevailing to the top of the list.






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