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    Posted August 14, 2013 by
    Cairo, Egypt

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    About two week ago Egypt's Coup massacre is no comparison to the next massacre today

    After what is cinematically staged as the people giving the mandate or more of no-man-date in Tahreer Square to the Coup Leader on the holy day of first victory of Islam, a large scale massacre has undergone before dawn. What started as a competition in driving the masses on the street on the weekend ended as smoke and mirror show or more precisely dimmed light and green laser in Tahreer and gas canisters and bullets in many other places as Rabaah AlAdawia perimeter. No less than 100 killed were brought in to Rabaah Field Hospital with sniper bullets, hunting bullets and large sword killing wounds. Hundreds more are injured and those are only the ones who were attacked in the perimeter of Rabaah AlAdawia, ironically in front of the Memorial Statue of the Egyptian Solider. The irony is complete when AlAzhar University students and teachers at the heart of the sit-in of Rabaah AlAdawia rest the responsibility squarely in the laps of their Grand Sheikh of AlAzhar, Ahmed AlTayib for allowing the snipers to station inside their campus which lies practically across the very open and wide street where the statue lies. This is not the only massacre across all the corners of Egypt today against pro-Morsy rallies. Earlier in Alexandria around the city's most famous Mosque Qaed Ibrahim, army of thugs attacked the rally and drove them inside the mosque to seek refugee from all kinds of blade and hunting bullet weapons facing the unarmed men women and even children. A child was the first to be killed today. Similar sniper attacks and thugs attacks has undergone against only Pro Morsy rally members over the past two days in very high rate of violence relative to the brutal attacks that already took place over the one month old Coup. The sit-ins amazed the world with their endurance, perseverance and their great ability to bite the bullets and never for a second try to repay the attackers the favors. Of course they even cannot do such payback because they are simply unarmed in every march and sit-in. So it seems that the so called mandate to the Coup Leader who bluntly asked the people who participated in the rebel movement to go on the streets in millions on their weekend. Although Grand Sheikh of AlAzhar commended the request and asked the people to go to Tahreer Square to give the "mandate" to the army and the police to end the "terrorism" of the unarmed sit-ins. In clearer words: kill all pro Morsy if necessary to break the sit-ins. That is just not against his own emenance' vice who condemned such call of arms against fellow citizens but against all human laws to charge, indite and execute your political opponent for what he stands for which simply is kidnapped vote. Of course many rational, writers such as Wael Qandeel, said that army and police jobs is to provide real peace and prevent true terrorism from the people. So they add if there were true terrorism then they are doing unjust job and if not then why give the mandate from some of the people to kill the others. The simple answer is: The coup is taking its last breath and needs to be resuscitated. The life kiss that the Coup awaits is any violent response from the sit-ins which they are incapable of in the first place. Many staged minor non-brutal events that police hopes can give a face-lift to its very ugly Mubarak given face took place to frame the sit-ins. Hence the Minster of Interior went on News and declared that the sit-in will be legally disassembled. The same Minster who was appointed by the Morsy Prime Minister refused repeatedly to disassemble many sit-ins for far less numbered persons in front of the main Presidential Palace. The Minister in fact give security to the Coup supporters during the same time that Raabah AlAdawiah sit-ins are getting killed by snipers stationed inside university buildings and bombed with what seems to be nerve paralyzing gas by his own troops.
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