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    1 Day Attrocities Against Christians of Egypt


    Aug 14, 2013 has witnessed the outrageous barbaric attacks from supporters of ousted president Morsi and believers in Muslim Brotherhood on Christian Churches, Christian Schools, Christian service buildings, as well as stores and properties and houses of Christians all over Egypt.


    The attrocities committed against Christians in Egypt go back to 20 centuries, some eras better than others. Christians under the islamic rule have been subject to an ongoing series of discrimination and hard-core persecution.


    The past months alone has witnessed attacks on Christian houses in upper-Egypt causing the homelessness of more than 120 Christian families who found no shelter except the floor of the Church. There has been attacks on Churches as well in July/August, the most recent of which was the systemic attacks on houses of Christians in the Debayba Village in Menia governorate and the burning of its Church. It has to be noted that it is a common practice that Christian victims who were attacked, or their houses and properties were attacked, get arrested by the police instead of the criminals. And if the Christian victim was in a terrible condition in hospital, then they arrest his family in order to be enforced to drop any charges and keep their mouths shut.


    But yesterday, witnessed a crazy figure of attacks on Churchs alone mounting to 32+ in addition to the common destruction and looting of commercial stores and houses of Christians all over Egypt.


    The list below is a summary of yesterday's attacks:

    First: Alexandria
    1. Father Maximus Church was burnt

    Second: Menia Governorate
    1. A service-building related to the Church of Mar Mina, Menia, was burnt + breaking the glass front + breaking the glass front of a clinic related to the Church
    2. The Angelican Church in Gad el Sayed area was burnt
    3. The Church of Saint Tadros, Sidnawi Square, was burnt
    4. The Church of Salvation was burnt
    5. The school and related nunnery of Saint Joseph were burnt
    6. The Church of Saint Moses in Abu Helal district was burnt
    7. The Church of Mar Youhanna (Saint John) in El Souq Street was burnt
    8. The Church of Virgin Mary was attacked and its Crosses were broken and burnt
    9. The Catholic Church of Saint George in Delga Village, in Deir Moas was burnt
    10. The Correctional (Al Eslah) Church in Delga Village, in Deir Moas was burnt
    11. The Church of Virgin Mary in Delga Village, in Deir Moas, which consists of THREE churches was burnt (Count them as three churches burnt)
    12. The Baptist Church in Beni Mazar was burnt
    13. The Angelican Church in Beni Mazar was burnt
    14. The Delga Church was attacked
    15. The Church of Saint Mark in Abu Helal district
    16. The Jesuit and Frere Institution was burnt
    17. The Coptic High School for boys was burnt
    18. A Coptic Orphanage for kids was burnt
    19. The house/residence of Fr. Angelos, priest of Virgin Mary’s Church was burnt
    20. Over Twenty houses and commercial stores were burnt
    21. A barber named Iskanar Rizkallah was killed
    22. Breaking and looting several stores and pharmacies, including el oroba and the Dahabeya clinic related to the Angelican Church

    Third: Assiut Governorate
    1. The Adventist Church was burnt
    2. The Apostles Church was burnt (Pastor and his wife were also kidnapped)
    3. Saint George Coptic Orthodox Church was burnt
    4. Saint Therese Church was burnt
    5. The Archangel Michael Church was attacked by stones
    6. The Good Shepherds Monastery (Nuns attacked)
    7. The Holy Revival Church was burnt
    8. The Bishopric of Abu Tig was seized
    9. The houses and properties of Christians in Kolta Street and Faltas Street and Gomhoreya Street were attacked

    Fourth: Fayoum Governorate
    1. The Church of Virgin Mary in Manzala, Youssef Al Sedeeq, was burnt
    2. The Church of Saint Tadros, in Mazala, Youssef Al Sedeeq, was burnt
    3. The Church of Saint Demiana, in Al Zerebe Village, Tameya, was burnt
    4. The Bible Society bookshop was burnt
    5. Breaking in and looting the properties of the Angelican Church, in Al Zorby Village, Tameya, was looted and destructed

    Fifth: Giza Governorate
    1. The Archangel Michael Church in Kerdasa was burnt
    2. Breaking in and looting the properties of the Bishopric of Atfeeh, Deir Karam El Rosol

    Sixth: Suez Governorate
    1. The Old Greek Orthodox Church was burnt
    2. Breaking in the Church of the Good Shepherd
    3. The Franciscan School was burnt

    Seventh: North Sinai Governorate
    1. Saint George Church in Arish was burnt (not to mention that the only priest there was killed during August and the others fled)

    Eighth: Sohag Governorate
    1. Saint George Church in the Bishopric of Sohag and the related service building were burnt

    Ninth: Luxor Governorate
    1. Burning a number of commercial stores and properties of Christians

    Tenth: Beni Suef Governorate
    1. Shooting live ammunition at a Christian School run by nuns
    2. Saint George Church in Wasta was attacked by stones

    Eleventh: El Gharbeya Governorate
    1. Diocese of St Paul was burnt

    Twelfth: Qena Governorate
    1. Virgin Mary Church –attempted burning

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