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    Protests in Egypt: Your experiences

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    My heart is broken for Egypt!


    My heart is truly broken for my so beloved Egypt. I am so sad that we could not go a shore and visit. Especially I am missing so very much the meeting with my old professor from the British Museum where I had my practicum for classical archeology. But my heart is more sadden for the so great People of Egypt. I so much hoped that since the Pro Democracy movement some reconciliation could be achieved and maybe even a lasting Peace. It is horrible to watch the news and see that all the dreams of the Peace loving People of Egypt is going up in flames and bloodshed. I am not any way taking sides, but I just so much wish that in Egypt and also in the Middle East somehow could be reached a more peaceful future for the next generation of this so troubled Region.


    The transit of the Suez Canal was a very memorable but also a very tense event. The first part of the journey we did in the darkness of night. But still as we could see very little, the noise was ear shattering. We were accompaniment by constant loud screams and whistling. Then we could anchor for a while in the calm waters of the Great Bitter Lake. In early morning of the 8 of August we began the second part of the transit in daylight. It was an incredible experience to see now the People on both shores and also experience their emotions. Some groups chanted Morsi, Morsi and cried loudly please help us, help us! I have some videos as well but I have to wait until I am able to upload them. I cannot do it form the iPad. Some of the People were very friendly other ones not so. One angry man even tried to threw a stone at the ship.


    But again we heard the loud whistles and screams form both side. Left is Egypt and right is the Sinai Peninsula by the North Passage. They were soldiers all along the way and we also saw some burned out military hardware on the Sinai side. It was an incredible hot day and my pictures are just moments frozen in this so troubles times. Some is a bit blurry because the winds blow sand everywhere and also the camera lens was always dirty. The scenery and the events changed very fast and it was hard to get a good photo or even a glimpse of this so remarkable place. Thank  You : PuakeaJutka


    1,soldiers along the Suez Canal

    2, the Suez Canal transit. Left hand side is Egypt and right is the Sinai Peninsula by Northbound transit

    3, some people tried even threw stones at the ship and many screamed and whistled, but some people were  very friendly waving and smiling, it was extremly noise along the entire passage with constant ear shattering whistling.

    4, these are mobile military bridges, I heard that the military can build a bridge with help this military hardware just in 20 minutes from Egypt to the Sinai Peninsula.

    5, burned out military hardware on the Sinai side

    6, this is the compound of ousted President Morsi, this I learned from the Egyptian pilot who came for the transit on the ship.

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