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    Elephant attacks us on safari in Uganda


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     paliakai is a telecommunications professional who lives in Kampala, Uganda. His son was visiting from the UK, so they got the whole family together and go for a weekend at Murchison Falls National Park, about five hours away. This happened on Saturday, August 10.

    'We saw the elephant turning to face us and the next thing we knew it was running toward us full speed. The driver immediately put his foot flat on the gas and the ranger kept yelling 'Let's go! Accelerate, accelerate!'

    He said the elephant was about four times the size of a passenger van. The driver managed to pass the elephant just as it caught up with them, and the animal 'just stopped and shook his head.'
    - dsashin, CNN iReport producer

    We had just finished a game drive in the evening, it was about 5 pm and were on our way back to the hotel when we found this huge elephant walking down the road towards us. We could see it looked aggressive because it was flapping its ears. We slowed down and stopped then our guide told the driver to back up since the elephant was walking straight towards us so we started reversing to get a safe distance away but it kept on walking towards us. As we were backing up we were taking pictures and chatting about it, laughing and all. We never imagined it would charge us.

    The elephant kept coming at us walking so our guide was thinking we should try and go round it, he knew a small track in the tall grass that we could use to go round the elephant. After reversing for about 500m (1500 ft) the elephant started walking faster and was beginning to catch us so the guide told us to move onto the track to the right and go round the elephant. I remember him saying once we go round it it will leave us alone, it just wants us to get out of its way.

    So we went onto the track and almost immediately we could see the elephant from afar (more 100m, 300ft) turn and face us. The driver instinctively knew something was about to happen so he put his foot flat on the gas. Then we saw the elephant rushing towards us. It was quite a distance away so we thought we would easily pull away but we could not believe how fast it was. In no time it was on us and was trying to cut us off.

    The kids were screaming and shouting, my mom and my wife were praying. I was just looking at this thing hurtling at us, it was so fast and so huge, i couldn't believe that we just couldn't out run it, i was in awe. Even the guide was panicking he was shouting to the driver go, go ,go, accelerate. The car seemed to be moving in slow motion while the elephant was charging towards us like a freight train.

    In the end when it caught up to us it just stopped and shook its head and we escaped, just. It was quite amazing because it got so close to us, literally a stones throw from us then for no reason at all just stopped. we think it was the prayers that saved us!
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