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    Everyday racism: Your stories

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    Racism from all races


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     maxthunder1 thinks Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream is still a work in progress. 'Things are changing slowly for the better. More people are getting more rights and more chances to succeed. If they take the chances and go out there and try their hardest, they can make things happen. Life is difficult but not impossible,' he said.

    As a mixed race America living in Alhambra, California, he says he is tired of hearing the only white people are racists because of his own personal experiences he says the assumption just isn't the case. 'The best way to stop racism is to be the best you that you can be. Help people that need it, treat people with kindness no matter who they are, hold doors open, do what you can to make society better,' he said.

    This story is part of CNN iReport’s Everyday Racism project, an effort to shine light on and spark discussion about racism in today’s world. Please note that CNN cannot independently verify the events described in this post.
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         I've never quite understood when people complain about one particular race and then call racism. I've experienced racism from all races. In the Army, I was under a black 1sg. He clearly hated everyone that was not black. He screamed at us at minimum twice a day to tell us how we were all trash Sergeants. He would make sure to get in our faces and push the limits of our patience. It was so obvious that while in a formation, for example, there was 5 guys in the front. We'll say guys 1,2,3,4,5. Guy 2 and 4 are black. He would scream and spit in the faces of guys 1, 3, and 5 and completely skip guys 2 and 4. This was daily and nobody would help us, not even the Commander or Inspector General. The Sergeants got together to make complaints to IG everyday and all they wouldn't do anything. In fact it made it even worse because he would retaliate with extra duty and worse treatment.
         I am Latino. My last girlfriend was an Iranian immigrant from Tehran, Iran. Her parents hated me because I was Latino. Apparently due to stereotypes, I am guaranteed to be a failure, uneducated, and bring her family down because that's what us Latinos do. I got stereotyped by immigrants that were still in their first generation here in America waiting on citizenship. They forced her to break up with me while I was in Afghanistan doing Humanitarian Assistance as Civil Affairs in the Army. We were together for 3 years.
         When I was growing up through middle school and high school I could never make Hispanic friends. They would tell me I was a fake Mexican because I didn't speak Spanish and to get the hell away from them. They bullied me almost everyday because I wasn't Mexican enough for them. I ended up hanging out with the White people and the Black people because they were the most accepting and friendly.

         My life experiences have made me understand that racism is everywhere and is not just by one race. Everybody has their run ins with racists and I don't believe it will ever change. The most important part is to try not to let them ruin your life and be better than them in every aspect.

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