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    Posted August 16, 2013 by
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

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    Voter Fraud : Does it Really Matter?

    For those of you that choose to believe voter fraud is not an issue, I would offer the following piece that was in the Washington Examiner last year.


    The story focuses on the documented cases of voter fraud in Minnesota during the 2008 Senatorial election in which Al Franken ultimately defeated the incumbent, Norm Coleman, by 312 votes. For anyone that believes voter fraud is a non-issue, this election would seem to prove otherwise.

    In an election where nearly 3 million votes were cast, Senator Coleman led his challenger by 725 votes the day after the election. In the following weeks and months Franken and the DNC machine mounted a massive effort to challenge the results. Initially the tally was changed and had Coleman still winning by 206 votes. After continued challenges and canvassing, Franken was eventually declared the winner by 312 votes.

    In the wake of the decision, a conservative group called Minnesota Majority began investigating the election results. After comparing criminal records with voting rolls, it was discovered that 1,099 convicted felons had illegally voted during the election. That information was provided to state prosecutors who have since convicted 177 people of voter fraud with an additional 66 awaiting trial. (As of last fall, when the article was written) In an election that was officially decided by 312 votes, 243 people voting illegally matters.

    And it isn’t just the 243 being charged/tried/convicted, it is all 1,099 votes that are fraudulent. The only reason the remainder have not been charged is that in order for voter fraud to be criminal, the state has to prove the voter was not just ineligible to vote, but that they knowingly cast an illegal vote.

    Why does it matter? Franken’s victory gave the Democrats 60 seats in the Senate, the vote needed to defeat a Republican filibuster of Obamacare. If Coleman had kept his seat, there would be no Obamacare.

    So while the actual numbers of actual voter fraud may be relatively small, it is ridiculous to categorize voter fraud as insignificant. All it took was 1,099 felons casting illegal votes in MN to give us Obamacare.
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