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    Posted August 16, 2013 by
    Covington, Georgia
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    Facebook Supports Religious Discrimination


    After repeated reports of hate speech against witches, or any pagan who does not believe in Christianity, Facebook has decided not to remove the page titled, "Witches must die by fire." The page creator has wisely selected to remain anonymous, but seems unperturbed by the numerous pagans who post on the page in solidarity against his hate speech.


    Here is a sample status update from his page:


    "Witches must die by fire. I created this page to raise awareness.. Your evil practices of binding, casting spells, channelling bad luck to others, having sex with people while they are sleeping and not knowing about it, taking other people's money and jobs by evil means, must be exposed. Moreover, we the christians, will demonstrate that your power is really nothing at all, compared to ours. The battle lines have been drawn."


    With people labeled as "witches" still being murdered across the world, Facebook should not allow such pages to continue to exist. By allowing it to exist, they're essentially turning a blind eye to the fact that religious discrimination is still a very powerful issue in the world today.


    ***UPDATE*** 8-19-2013


    Now he is personally attacking Wiccans, and with further reports, Facebook continues its policy of denying any report within a matter of seconds.  If you press the report button, count the time it takes for it to be denied.  My most recent attempt was 36 seconds.


    At any rate, here is one of the most recent lines the owner posted on his page:

    "No weapon that is fashioned or formed by witches against Christians shall prosper, and every wiccan tongue is already condemned in judgement by FIRE, in Jesus name."


    This is obviously a personal attack aimed at Wicca, and he goes so far as to slander a known Wiccan coven leader as such:

    "Via Inbox from Paige RowanStar Thorpe I'm gonna dance around naked under the full moon, singing chants to the devil, and once I'm done I will make love to a beautiful woman. She will then be cursed and die a horrible and painful death.

    Dear Paige

    No more. Enough is enough!!"


    Why, Facebook?  Why do you continue to allow this level of religious discrimination to continue?  That last comment could actually be construed as slander in some legal circles.


    Slander n. Oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed. Slander is a civil wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a lawsuit. Damages (payoff for worth) for slander may be limited to actual (special) damages unless there is malicious intent, since such damages are usually difficult to specify and harder to prove. Some statements such as an untrue accusation of having committed a crime, having a loathsome disease, or being unable to perform one's occupation are treated as slander per se since the harm and malice are obvious, and therefore usually result in general and even punitive damage recovery by the person harmed. Words spoken over the air on television or radio are treated as libel (written defamation) and not slander on the theory that broadcasting reaches a large audience as much if not more than printed publications. http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/slander


    Facebook needs to wake up and see the crimes being committed right under their noses!


    ***UPDATE*** - 8-19-2013


    Everyone, there is a link that I'm going to post that leads you to the petition on Change.org asking Facebook to stop ignoring the hate speech and threats of violence towards Pagans.  Please sign it!


    I'm also looking into what could be/what needs to be done in order to file a class-action lawsuit against Facebook for supporting hate speech.




    ***UPDATE*** - 8-20-2013


    Now he's including Muslims in his hate speech.  This is one of a few status updates he's made in the past 24 hours that not only defames Paganism, it defames Islam as well:


    "Witchcraft, Jihadism, Satanism.. different first names.. same family name!!!"


    Please keep in mind, that this is not the only page that purports such things.  One other is https://www.facebook.com/groups/163986480405404/ commonly known as THOSE WITCHES ND WIZZADS MUST DIE BY FIRE BY FORCE .


    Facebook needs to wake up and stop using automated systems to determine whether or not a page is compliant with it's terms of service.  They needs to acknowledge that "Freedom of Religion" means every religion.


    ***UPDATE*** 8-22-2013


    As of 6:07 today, I received a notification from Facebook that read very much like this:


    You reported Witches must die by fire. for harassment.Close
    StatusThis page was removed
    DetailsWe reviewed the page you reported for harassment. Since it violated our Community Standards, we removed it. Thanks for your report. We let Witches must die by fire. know that their page has been removed, but not who reported it. Facebook never discloses who submits a report.
    Report DateYesterday
    OwnerWitches must die by fire.
    This hateful page was removed, hopefully once and for all.  Thank you to everyone who reported this, reported on this, and supported the cause of freedom of religion!
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