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    Saint Louis, Missouri
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    The Doctor of the Future


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     slythgeek is attending her third Dragon Con this year: 'I've wanted to see a female Doctor since I got into the series, and it gave me the freedom to imagine how she'd dress. I love collecting and making clothing, particularly from the 1960s and 1970s, so there was no doubt in my mind she'd wear hints of the '70s. The Doctor is a special sort of hero - eccentric and intelligent and nowhere near perfect. His flaws are real flaws, including vanity, impatience, and absent-mindedness, rather than the "cool" flaws of your typical hero. I was drawn to him immediately but felt he'd be even more interesting if he regenerated into a woman. I've gotten tired of hearing how the future Doctor can never be female because it would be "uncomfortable" or change the Doctor/companion dynamic. I welcome all the change a female Doctor might bring, both within the fan base and in the context of the show. The Doctor would be the Doctor no matter her gender, and I don't want to see a female Doctor reduced to a cheap joke. I want a true character with her own way of doing things and, as always, a distinctive sense of fashion.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    While my particular cosplay niche is something called "crossplay" - a transformation from one gender to another using binding, makeup, movement changes, and other techniques, sometimes I like to roll with my female side.
    I've put twists on costumes before - saloon girl Query from Batman, Ghostbuster Kaylee Frye from Firefly (which won the Whedon Universe Costume Contest last year), and a genderbent version of Captain Kirk's green wrap tunic have all made their way into my costuming lineup.
    This year, I'm bringing something new - my own fantasy for the future of Doctor Who. While there have been numerous depictions of what the Doctor would have looked like had he been female, ideas for what a future female Doctor would wear are rare. My future Doctor, which was a finalist in the "Doctor Who Hub" (formerly "Doctor Who and the Tardis by Craig Hurle") facebook page Design the Doctor contest this past spring, revisits past designs for the Doctor while imagining what he (er... she?) might wear in the near future.

    Combining thrift store finds with homemade pieces, I put together a burgundy concoction of Edwardian, 70s, and modern styles. When the whole thing was done, though, there was something missing... a big "yes, this character IS the Doctor" piece. I know it's a little on-the-nose, but I decided to make a blue scarf with the "Police Public Call Box" sign across the bottom. Scarves have a long history in Doctor Who, as any fan will know, and though a future Doctor probably won't wear a TARDIS scarf, I thought it would signal to others that I AM the Doctor, whether they like it or not.
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